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  1. Thanks. I’ve contacted my union rep but not sure if i’ll hear back. I’ve got my photo on my ID pass, and was bullied into a previous photo shoot which I hated every minute of. Since then the photos have cropped up everywhere and I’m not happy with the risk of that happening with more pictures. I’m actively seeking other work so worried aboutnrocking the boat too much but I’m also not inclined to be bullied by my manager No permission was sought at all. We were told to ‘make ourselves available’ and there was no option given as to opting out and no information about how long photos could b
  2. Myself (and other employees) declined (politely) to have our photos taken for an annual report. We were then punished by our operations manager who stormed up to our desks and demanded loudly that we take extra work because we had let the team down. This is despite the fact that that we had manned the office phone line and worked on our tasks while the photographer was taking photos of others. This happened less than half an hour before we were due to finish work and was the last working day of the week for a number of us. No reference was given to the fact that I have childc
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