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  1. Just wanted to share my good news with you all....today I got back just over £8000 from Lloyds TSB in refunded bank charges. I had to use all three letter downloads from this website, then spend £250 to take them to court, then on the 11th hour a letter from their solicitors offered me a full refund (which should not be taken as an admission by lloyds of unfair charges!). I also got 8% interest on my charges! So I just want to say to anyone feeling nervous about giving it to THE MAN, don't worry, it will happen. :lol:
  2. Thanks to this forum I went for it when RBS owed me £5000 of charges on my business account. I sent one letter which they replyed to and told me no chance! Then i sent a second letter, they did not respond so I phoned them and threatened to go to the press if they didn' t make me an offer. A week later I had a letter offering me £3100 to settle. THANKS! I'm sure if I had held out I may have got more but I needed the cash quick. So hang on in there if you're trying to get your charges back, and be pushy.
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