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  1. Thanks for all your help so far, it's appreciated. Received the notice of allocation to the small claims track from my local court with the following page being directions. First and foremost it reminds them to pay a fee. I'm PC savvy so I'll post up a copy of the letter with details removed a bit later.
  2. No, I've checked all documents it appears nowhere. I can't find a single reference to it. Just read Baycloves post and they appear to be in a similar situation regarding old Provident loans i.e. account number not recognised. You can take out more than one loan, however you won't get a new one if any are in arrears. They make you consolidate, split payments or pay the one in arrears if you finish any others. Term 5 of their T&C's: I've emboldened the bit I feel important. I would not have a current loan (now paid off) without them asking for the arrears of an old l
  3. No just the request under CPR. I'll do it today, although it will probably arrive later than any court date. Do I ring the mediator to make an appointment or do they just ring me?
  4. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd Date of issue – 29th April 2019 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1) The Defendant entered into a consumer credit act 1974 regulated agreement with Provident Personal Credit on 29/11/2013 which was subsequently assigned to Vanquis Bank Ltd under account reference xyz123 ("the agreement"). 2) The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the agreement was terminated. 3) The agreement was subject to a further n
  5. Hi, My Dad received a claim form with an issue date 1st November. AOS entered on internet. Says service date 8th Novemver. (they sent POC separately) Claim form amount is £35 more than owed amount, even their evidence shows original amount. (This is not including fees and costs). Background. Service charge (not disputed). Offer of £20 a week offered in August, was rejected. Offer of complete amount by family to extinguish burden by letter (The defendant is a disabled OAP) on 5th October. Heard nothing back. It should be noted the defendant tried to contact the cla
  6. I used to make fire alarms about 20 years ago. They had thermal printers included that we built and would print off status, errors and faults etc. Guess what? We could read those still a good 5 years after production.
  7. Hi, My girlfriend received a claim from Lowell's regarding a catalogue and I am stumped on this one (I'm an early CAG'er). shes being chased for the incorrect account and I've filed a defence saying so. The odd thing is this claim was issued on the 22nd of March and recieved the 29th I believe. AOS was filed for her on the 30th March. Defence submitted on 19th April, which is exactly 28 days from the date on the form (22nd March). It says recieved on 20th Apri. I believe service is 5 days anyway now, am I correct? What's odd is since then, nothing, nada.
  8. Hi Lee Sorry I've been in hospital. I should be free from now on.
  9. OK..... After some investigation it appears my details were mixed up with a sex offender. I'm not quite sure what to make of that!
  10. Hi, It was a brand new contract online with a 3rd party website. I have never received a contract as far as I'm aware. I'm chasing the 3rd party with no luck as I could then go to a Vodafone shop with the print out. Where do I stand if 3rd party say 18 months and VF 24?
  11. Hi, My contract ended a few months ago and I rang to cancel my account. Unfortunately the rep on the phone insisted it hadn't and wouldn't under no circumstances cancel my account. I had an 18 month contract and he insisted it was 24. I got rather angry at the rep and I'm at a loss what to do. One strange thing about my account, from day 1 I had debt collectors ringing me pretty much as soon as I got my phone for someone I had never heard of. My Sure Signal was registered to this same person using their postcode, even though I've never had or used
  12. Actually I believe it wasn't hacked, hence why it's really serious as far as the DPA goes. It was in the root folder of the main site when it came back online. That said, I would still be cautious about posting it.
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