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  1. Certainly wasn’t, i take it that is typical nolans tactics?
  2. Ive had paperwork from them showing the balance from hitachi and then copies of all the letters sent from cabot
  3. Yes and nolans have sent a list of evidence through to me but still no cca agreement
  4. Ive had a letter about it going to court on the 10th of January, i received a letter from cabot saying they hadn’t yet found the cca, although they referred to a completely diffirent debt i had supposedly had with aqua and not the said supposed hitachi nova debt. What do i do next ?
  5. so got the cca sent away today but I've been struggling with getting all the words copied in to box D1 for the court form I've tried adobe, is there any programs i could use as that doesn't seem to work at all cheers
  6. Shall i send the letter tomorrow ? Sorry im not quite sure when i was to send that
  7. Will get that sent away tomorrow hopefully. Whats the next step after requesting the cca ?
  8. I’ve read a few of the threads and seen they don’t seem to do things how they're meant to be done, cheeky buggers.. It was hp for a certain item my debt spiralled as my gambling problem got out of control and was hardly able to make ends meet until i sorted myself out over the last year or so. Do i send a cca request to cabot? Cheers Hope this works
  9. Hi guys looking for some help with this that came a couple weeks ago before i went on holiday. Name the issuing court: Edinburgh sheriff court Who Is The Claimant: Cabot financial uk limited Who Are the Solicitors: Nolans What type of action? Simple What is the claim for – On 19/03/2014 the Respondent entered a Retail Credit Agreement with HITACHI NOVA under which the Respondent borrowed from them a sum of money repayable on demand. The said agreement was an agreement regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.. The Respondent failed to pay as agreed o
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