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  1. Hey Florence9


    Im currently fighting a PCN from PPS, very similar to your case and would be very interested if you could provide me with your defence and any other help you can give me to fight the PPS [problematic]


    Thank you in advance!!

  2. Yes very good news in deed! 5.5 million they raked inlast year.....not bad for a run down filty car park that towers above a derelict shopping centre. One of the only restaurant owners left on the edge ofthe precinct got a 100.00 charge and why? .....because his passenger wheels were touching the white line. BUT on that particular side was the ticket machine so he was not stopping anyone parking there or depriving them of income.....but still got 100.00 from him. Just sickening to see them getting away with it. So glad i stuck with it.
  3. thank you FTMDave. No i didnt go for costs. I know i should have done but it was never about the money for me but the principal. But i must admit i was quite a shock to see they had a fully fledged solicitor and 2 judges. At entering the court i did think omg why have i been so stubbon, why did i just not pay. ...… but then i thought no why should i.... .im right to defend myself. The Judge was most scathing about Popla too.... made sure I got my point in about how they offered to give 80% decisions in favour of car parking co
  4. Hello all. As you all told me i won the case against Premiere Parking Solutions Ltd. After a very stressful week (wed...moved house....thur...sisters funeral.....fri.....into court i went!) We have only today had our broadband reconnected and so couldn't repky earlier. I was shocked to be greeted at the court by PPL's Advocate asking if we could speak prior to going into court. .....i declined. I think the most important and i would say humiliating part of their defence was that they based their case on the rules of parking and contractual agreeme
  5. Well like i said to erics brother im nit very techno........but my grandaughter will be her tomorrow and she may be able to help.....and if she cannot shes a nurse so she will make me feel better at least lol I did say if someone sent me a private message with an address i would gladly send the whole lot.....their ws my ws all the photos and all 58 pages of the Landowner Leese agreement with PPS Ltd......but to be honest thats a couple if hundred pages for me to try and scan in here or upload if thats the fraze??
  6. Sorry folks but not made myself clear... ..i did submit on time.. ....14 days before hearing.Friday 22nd... ...case on 8th march. What i was saying was cannot understand why they have gone so far and going through with everything..... ..most of the advice on here is youve not seen a wrong reg number loose... ..so why are they carryjng on putting me through 4 years of harassment and now court .. ..cannot understand it!
  7. Well case found in tbe claimants favour... ..same thing..... .well theres not much gone my way in the last few months sob sob sob ! Tbh i really hope this is dismissed because there must be millions of people who forget the reg numbers, their pin numbers, their passwords etc etc and really in this case all i have done is transpose 2 digits. I found a goid video. .. .not sure if you know of this but its from a man whk put a video on from a S Bedfordshire CC run car park called Ashton Square Dunstable and they use a barrier. ..ANPR … ..you go to the machine but if you p
  8. Well that week will certainly be the mither of all weeks........we move house on the 5th. .....my sisters funeral on the 7th and convicted on the 8th!!!
  9. Ok i will try. My grandaughter will be here tomorrow so will ask her to give me a hand.
  10. No ericsbrother this is the full contract dated June 2010 for a 10 year leese and covers every aspect of tenure. IT IS 58 PAGES LONG it covers every area you could think of....especially if PPL Ltd dont clear the rubbish.....its all in there. To be honest its a joke because the car park is all but derelict.. As im not too good with the technical side on here if there is a way you can private message me and give me your address i will send you a copy. Also a copy of their claim against me my reply and all the photos from 2015 to 17th Feb 2019 you can upliad onto here whatever you like.
  11. Well is there a way of you advising me how to do that. Its 58 pages.........i have a copy scanner........also i would not be braking data protection laws would i?
  12. Mmm might need help with that lol im amazed i can keep getting back here, which i seem only able to do when one if you replies to me ! Plus what they have sent me is 80+ pages lol mostly the T&C and the contract between the Land Owner and PPS Ltd. Seems drazy to me as i read through that and none seems relevant to my situation. But i will look into seeing if I can get it all put on here....especially the result ....win or loose. Maybe my grandaughter will do it for me
  13. I have received, today, the bundle of papers from BW Leagal........a whole tree! I see they sent it without me having the chance to address its content in my 'bundle' to the court. We are in court on the 8th March. I have read and re read all of the above advice and i have brought the handbook and researched the cases pointed out to me so thank you all for your help, input and advice. I will let you know the outcome. Either way! Just one thing to note. The person representing BWL has enclosed in her bundle the whole and complete leasing agreement between the land own
  14. Thank you for that info. I rang Torbay planning and spoke to their officer, briefly outlining the problem... .i said i was searching on histirical planning apps for signage and camera authorities and could not find any and he looked and could not see any either. He asked me to do a formal request by email and he would look into it further. Seems a promising argument for my witness statement. The Torbay Planning have emailed me back saying they will look into it so. ..... .we have to see...… .but at least i have a copy of their email for my 'bundle'
  15. Ive also found the name and address of the land owner so will be asking to see the contract LL agreement as you suggest Thank you so much everyone for your valued advice and help
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