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  1. ALso, ignore them. You dont owe a single penny because they forced you to purchase the items, therefore they havent lost anything.


    Also, when they forced you to pay for the items, did they allow you to keep them, or did they take them from you? Because if they didnt let you keep them after purchasing them, then they would be guilty of theft.


    Yea I got to keep the M&S bits. just wondering if there’s going to be a police action, guess this forums not really going to be able to advise on that though! Keep readin the police don’t investigate crimes of under £200 in value.

  2. Hi All ,


    I was a bit silly and took some low value items from 2 stores and M&S yesterday. I was stopped on high street and asked to return to M&S, where they made me sign a Notice of Civil Recovery and Trespass and told to buy the products or they'd call Police.


    I wanted to know if M&S representation stated in the document as: Drydensfairfax, was one of these RLP companies ? Should I expect letters from? If so just ignore them?


    As far as I'm concerned I paid them back for what i wrongly took, and they let me go. They said they would notify the other 2 companies that I'd taken from and confiscated these items [mainly food].


    The net value - not including M&S's, that I'd paid £30 for - was approx £90.00 so about £120 in total. If they pass my details to other companies, is that a breach of Data Protection?


    The security "ranger" didn't call the police, should I expect Police to get involved further?


    I'm not going to do the above again! I'd never taken from these stores before and have no record.

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