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  1. Update had several letters from DWF looking for £85. Some of threats include : notifying my employed and requesting payment directs from my salary [ without mentioning employers name]. Sending Bailiffs. Court action. Increase in sum. Not replying to any of this nonsense. Is it likely they’ll sell the “debt” to a debt factor agency... any suggestions...
  2. Had a letter from DWF saying I have 14 days to pay £85 for security fees. Should I ignore this now ?
  3. I’ve been prescribed anti depressants already this year, but I decided not to continue with them... They could easily have video evidence in fairness. If they start civil action what would happen? What should I do?
  4. Yep lucky! Not sure what might happen next now... @honeybee13 "next time" - there won't be a next time !
  5. Thanks. I was more worried about if the police would be called in to investigate the other 2 stores I'd been to earlier in the day. I didn't give the LP the names but it was pretty obvious where else I'd been. They kept the items as well .
  6. Yea I got to keep the M&S bits. just wondering if there’s going to be a police action, guess this forums not really going to be able to advise on that though! Keep readin the police don’t investigate crimes of under £200 in value.
  7. Hi All , I was a bit silly and took some low value items from 2 stores and M&S yesterday. I was stopped on high street and asked to return to M&S, where they made me sign a Notice of Civil Recovery and Trespass and told to buy the products or they'd call Police. I wanted to know if M&S representation stated in the document as: Drydensfairfax, was one of these RLP companies ? Should I expect letters from? If so just ignore them? As far as I'm concerned I paid them back for what i wrongly took, and they let me go. They said they would notify the other 2 companies that I'd taken from and confiscated these items [mainly food]. The net value - not including M&S's, that I'd paid £30 for - was approx £90.00 so about £120 in total. If they pass my details to other companies, is that a breach of Data Protection? The security "ranger" didn't call the police, should I expect Police to get involved further? I'm not going to do the above again! I'd never taken from these stores before and have no record.
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