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  1. Heard from MB following on from the VT letter, they are sending BCA to collect and inspect etc. However I have also noticed that the rear brakes are beginning to grind a little. They certainly need replacing, can they charge me for this? Apologies for the similar questions, I am just trying to preempt my arguments should they attempt to charge me for scratches, marks etc.
  2. Hi Guys, Firstly, great site and specifically great advice within the MoneyBarn section. I currently have a 60 month agreement with them on a 2012 Insignia. I have been given the option to have a company car and intend to accept this. However it leaves me with the issue of getting out of the Moneybarn finance agreement. I have spoken to them today and they have informed me that I have two options; - Early Settlement - £6,720.09 to pay and I'll own the car - Voluntary Termination - £2,237.20 to pay + any extra's them deem to be outside of general W&T etc. Having r
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