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  1. Yes they are Ltd company. So would you advise that i don't collect the car?
  2. So the dealership told me i would have ny refund this morning but nothing. I have called and told them that i can see the car is up for sale again and i am within my rights to come and collect it until i have my money back. Would this be advisable? I know i have 14 days until i can take them to court but i need to purchase another car. I have 3 kids and i care for my nan. Am feeling very frustrated by it all.
  3. Sorry maybe being stupid. Let's say he does this and doesn't pay up, can i then use chargeback with the signed agreement as evidence? Just trying to make sure i am exploring all avenues
  4. Ok brilliant will do this asap. I was reluctant to leave the car but i had the agreement so lets just hope that they stick to their word. Thank you for tge advice.
  5. So i have now dropped the car back after more lengthly arguments, he has agreed to refund the money within 14 days. Have signed a contract stating this but he was adamant that i leave the car. Is this the correct thing to do?
  6. Yes sent via email and will be sending the recorded letter today. I have just phoned and they are now saying the manager is off sick. I really did not want this to be so complicated but looks like they would rather me take them to court.
  7. They are still refusing a refund. I'm so stressed about it all. Am taking the car to a garage for them to wrute4a report and the i am going to try and get a charge back through the bank. If that fails then it will be court
  8. Thank you. Can I do the chargeback under these grounds with the evidence I have? I am trying to work out the quickest way to get my money back. Also do I have access to the money when they reverse the transaction. It's all so long. I am so upset about it all.
  9. I have now sent the email about rejecting the car using my CR. I will allow 14 days before beginning court proceedings. Will also look into chargeback before doing this although I have been told it is not straight forward and the dealership can argue it. Feel so upset that I have spent £8.5k on a dodgy car
  10. The dealership are claiming that they need to get the car back to diagnose the issues even though they have already said it was the mechanic not screwing the steering wheel properly. I am reluctant to drop the car back to them. What would your advice be please
  11. I completely underatand that. Obviously wouldn't report this unless I was sure.
  12. Brilliant. I was going to threaten with reporting them to trading standards and the driver and vehicle standards agency as i now suspect the MOT may not havr been ligit either. I am hoping to get a straight forward refund as i paid the full value for the car by debit card. The dealership is Flexy cars in southall. I just have a feeling they are going to be really awkward about it all. Maybe the fact i have recordings of admissions, they may just deal with it sooner rather than later. Thanks again
  13. Good morning, I am looking for some advice. I purchased a car from a dealership on Thursday. On test deive all seemed well. When I paid and signed for car they then told me the car had no MOT. I waited for 4 hours with my 2 year old son which was stressful to say the least. I got home with the car and noticed a few functions did not work. The heated seats, sat nav and mp3 connection. Was told it all worked and yes maybe i should have checked it out but with a 3 month warranty I was assured the issues would be fixed. 24 hours after having the car a clonking st
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