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  1. I cant see any mention of a matching items exclusion anywherr in the policy. Next step is get quotes for the work and if more than they offered send them In, also a quote for a kitchen fitted. Ball is in their court then
  2. After 2 weeks they finally agreed to replace the whole floor ! I was also advised i can claim for the kitchen unit carcasses we removed as during removal basically collapsed,were bandq flatpack ones the inserts which go in the cams to join them together basically pulled out,maybe due to the chipboard being soft from the damp,also signs of water ingress in the side panels. Been to bandq and this style of kitchen no longer available so could we claim for a whole new one? Also our lounge walls need the plasterboard replacing but the bottom third of the room is covered by mdf decorative pane
  3. The story so far- Discovered we had a leak as could hear water moving through the stopcock in kitchen, rang insurance who informed me we were insured for the water damage but not for locating and fixing the leak. I discovered a leaking pipe under the concrete floor slab in the kitchen, i had to get up some tiles, take out kitchen units and dig up a section of floor to access pipes and temp fix it. We the noticed the walls behind the units were very damp and mouldy, the skirting on the wall opposite was also then noticed to be swollen (mdf) and the mdf wall paneling in loun
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