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  1. nice bit of news for once, thanks again I will send a donation over and keep you updated
  2. Just received this email from the court I can confirm that, due to the hearing fee not having been paid by the required deadline, the case has been struck out without further order, in accordance with the allocation order dated 15th June 2020. I assume I just wait for PRA next move?
  3. Thanks i am sure this will be dragged out for a few more months considering they haven't paid the fees
  4. OK thanks will get i completed and sent over to the court and PRA on Monday
  5. Ok Thanks so i will revert to my draft in Post #84 from June, does it look ok ? I can then get this is the post early next week - should i still send PRA a copy?
  6. Hi Andy / DX I called the court today to confirm if Trial fees have been paid - They checked their various systems and could not find any payment for the trial, so advised this would go back to the Judge and likely it will be struck out. The previous Notice of Allocation I received in June confirmed that PRA have until the 29th Sep to pay the Fees, if not paid it would be struck out. I assume I just have to wait and see what PRA's next move is again, thanks for you help
  7. 1st Draft - reviewed several statements I was a bit unsure about adding more about the section 78, although they took a very long time the did provide the CCA - any help appreciated In The *******County Court Claim No. ********* Between **********Claimant and *************** Defendant I am the defendant in this case and make this Witness statement in support of my defence in this claim. The matters set out below are within my own knowledge, except where I indicate to the contrary. 1. It is my understanding that the cl
  8. won't be waiting already started my research up again and found some good comparable cases, so will be drafting the witness statement soon. will update as soon as I have something thanks again dx and Andy
  9. Hi Andy sorry for the late reply I didn't get the notification as usual. yes its 14 days pre hearing thanks
  10. Hi hope everyone is still keeping well Just received Notice of Allocation to the small Claims Track They are advising the hearing will be on 27th October 2020 at 10am via "BT Meet me" The Claiment PRA Group have until 29th Sep 2020 to pay the court fee Are there any stickies on this part of the process as I could not find anything i.e. wait for confirmation on court fees being paid before I send my defence ? I have all I need from the forum and research on submitting the defence (I will show on this forum before I take
  11. Hi I hope all are safe and well I just received a letter from the court that the hearing will be listed for remote hearing (date to be fixed) I had a search but couldn't find much which relates to my case type - sorry if i missed it I have 14 days to confirm if I do not agree to a remote hearing Also 14 days to agree if i waive the right to a remote hearing and let the judge determine the claim by way of a paperwork exercise any advise - should i just let it run Thanks
  12. Hi another quick update Just had my Mediation call and advised them that I do not have enough information from PRA to continue with the mediation. The mediator relayed that PRA confirmed they have sent me the agreement and statement and that PRA believe this is enough to determine that this is my debt. PRA confirmed that they do not have the "default notice" but believe the information they provided is enough for the court Now I will just wait for the court process to initiate and in the meantime i will continue to work on my statem
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