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  1. No, I did not see the file. I just sat with the Bank clerk and he told me that there is a comment on my file.
  2. When TalkTalk escalated this issue to Lowell (end of 2013) they raised some sort of notice of the complaint and placed it in my Credit report which is National. On mid of 2017 I went to my bank and asked them on why was I rejected for a finance plan on furniture purchase, their reply was that TalkTalk placed a remark that I have an outstanding payment and that I must sort it out with TalkTalk or one of these financial companies: Experian Equifax Callcredit Now that my case is statute barred does it mean that this will force them to remove this off of my credit history?
  3. Thank you for your help on this. Any advice you might be able to provide on the note that TalkTalk placed on my credit score report? How do I get rid of it?
  4. I did not inform them with my new address but they do have it (somehow) probably as I said above through my Bank account details as I updated that once I returned back to the UK Is there any template that I can use to create this response letter to Lowell? Should I be sending it only to Lowell or to TalkTalk too?
  5. Thank you dx100UK for your quick feedback. It is highly appreciated Your reply is pretty straight forward but may I ask what exactly should I do next? Should I write them a letter with the title "statued Barred" and place in it the definition related shown in your reply?
  6. Hi everyone, any help would be highly appreciated Back in 2010 I arrived in the UK to study, me and my friends rented a flat in Brighton and I signed with TalkTalk for a broadband plan (1Year). The account was under my name and it was paying it from my personal bank account. End of 2011 I finished my studies and went back to my country, but before I do that I contacted Talktalk and told them that I am leaving and that my room mates will be paying from for this plan from now. (Kindly change the account holder to them and hereby I inform you that I am not longer responsible of this) "for sure there is no proof of this as it was a phone call" Time passed then in 2017 April I returned to the UK with my family to start my new job. Surprisingly I received a letter from Lowell demanding me to pay an outstanding amount of 240GBP for an old account related to TalkTalk. I ignored the letter as I sincerely forgot that I ever had a TalkTalk account! on the end of 2017 I relocated to the northern side of London the somehow they got my new address (I am guessing through the bank as I still use my old account since I was a student) and demanded me again for the same thing so I gave them a call and asked what is this about, they then explained that this account still under my name and it has an outstanding amount since Dec 2013. I asked what account was paying for all these payments since 2012 they explained that it was someone's else account (My room mate). I then explained that I left at the end of Sep 2011 and since then I was away, I have all necessary stamps of exits and entries on my account which validate that I was out of the UK for the past 7 years. They took all these notes from me and were very polite with me, then asked me to wait for a month or too for feedback. Today I received a letter saying that TalkTalk said the following: TalkTalk has advised us that they received change of ownership forms on 09/11/2011; however this could not be completed due to arrears on the account. They state that they received further card payments from a third party, but the name on the account was never changed Lowell then continues the letter saying that I need to pay this and that they will place this account on hold for 30 days for me to review in case they missed anything. Can anyone explain to me what is the best root to take next? As it is obviously not my responsibly to pay especially that i was not informed that the owner ship change did not happen? Bare in mind that my credit report has a note on it from TalkTalk since 2011 apparently which prevented me from taking any credit plan with any type of business in the UK since i got back and i am not quiet sure about the impact on my credit score after this issue is sorted. Kind Regards
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