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  1. Thanks for the replies. I am willing to fight them definitely and will do what it takes to win my case. I would rather lose £300 after a court case than pay them money they are not entitled to. I think £12 for 24 hours parking should be enough!! I can confirm that there was definitely no visible ANPR camera on the car park, as I remember looking around for cameras at the time of being issued both PCN’s. I also made enquiries with the hotel next to the car park and spoke with the owners who were very sympathetic but couldn’t give me any further information in terms of who owns the land or if they had an office nearby (as I wanted to have a discussion with them!). They did say though that they are fed up with this company in dishing out PCN’s unfairly to their customers. I am happy to go back to the car park when I am next in the area with work but can I just clarify what pictures I need to take and why? Am assuming it’s part of gathering enough evidence to sink them in court further down the line?
  2. Indeed! Am hoping that’s the case anyway but given what’s been discussed on the thread so far I am more than confident of beating this company if they decide to take me to small claims court. I have got an application form to make an enquiry with the Land Registry to find out who the land owner is. Can one of you advise if I should go ahead with this or is it best to leave it with until further letters are received from them?
  3. Thank you. There are a lot of 'may's on the parking sign but I can see why a lot of people just end up paying these PCN's to this joke of a company! Now I come to think of it I am definitely not in contravention of this so called 'contract' for parking on their private land as per the wording on the sign. Yes, my car didn't display a valid ticket for 9 minutes before the PCN was issued but I did pay £12 for 24 hours parking as required. My vehicle did display a valid ticket until the wind blew it from my dashboard. I guess I am just shocked that given the evidence presented in my appeal letter they didn't cancel both of the PCN's. They really must be desperate to get money off people!
  4. Thanks very much for your reply and advice regarding these PCN's. As you will see from the attachment the parking attendant has not recorded a time or date that my vehicle was first seen in contravention. As per my letter of appeal to them I can prove from a receipt (and CCTV if they wish to use that) when checking in at 18:10 my vehicle was not on their car park. It would have been at least 5 minutes before getting the key from reception, walking back to where I had parked and then driving in to their car park. I have been given 9 minutes grace before the PCN was issued! From closer reading of the PCN it mentions additional charges if they don't receive payment from me. Am I right in thinking that legally they can't enforce any additional charges on top of the £100 per PCN? First PCN issued by NE Parking 26-08-18.pdf
  5. Thanks very much for your advice. It is greatly appreciated and has helped me to make my mind up that I will fight this matter in court IF it comes to that. Am sorry to keep asking questions but can I clarify one other thing if possible. Would it be best to try and submit an appeal to the IAS even though it will end up being rejected? If anything to demonstrate to a court that I have gone through the proper channels to try and resolve this issue? I know there are a lot of IFs and BUTS with this type of scenario but would like to be as fully prepared as possible should the matter end up in court.
  6. Thanks very much for your replies. I am more than prepared to go to court and fight this company, if not on principle as to issue a PCN after my car was left without a ticket for 9 minutes and then issue another one less than 24 hours later seems harsh in the extreme to me. Can I ask a couple of questions which will help me make a final decision as to how I proceed; 1. Aside from the inadequate signage at the car park, based on the circumstances outlined in my appeal later (in your experience and opinion) would I have a chance in court to get both PCN's cancelled? 2. If I go to court and lose, approximately how much would I be expected to pay out in charges and costs? Given that I can (begrudgingly) settle both PCN's for £120 if I pay them in the next few days, it would be a bit reckless of me to take this to court and risk having to fork out hundreds of pounds should the worst happen. Thanks very much.
  7. Thanks for sorting my previous uploads. Please see attached picture of the car park sign I took at the time I was issued with the PCN's. Also attached a picture I took of the payment meter should it be required at a later stage Picture of Car Park Sign - NE Parking Ltd.pdf Picture of Payment Meter - NE Parking Ltd.pdf
  8. Well that’s reassuring! Thanks! Can I just ask for my own curiosity that general advice is to ignore any further letters from this company? Am I right in thinking that they won’t take this to court or forward on to a debt recovery company? As am sure you can tell this but I have very little knowledge of PCNs and naively thought that my appeal letter would do the trick!!
  9. Thanks for your quick reply and apologies for the confusion with my earlier posts. Am I right in assuming that I should pay these two "invoices" then to avoid further problems?
  10. 1. 26th & 27th August 2018 2. Yes - sent via e-mail on Mon 27th August 3. N/A 4. N/A 5. NE Parking Ltd 6. General Street Car Park, Blackpool docs1.pdf
  11. Good afternoon, Am hoping someone can offer me some advice with regard to NE Parking Ltd and whether or not I should pay not 1 but 2 PCN's issued within 24 hours whilst parked in the same parking spot over August Bank Holiday weekend in August. Arrived in Blackpool having booked a hotel to stay the evening with my partner and 2 children on the evening of Sunday 27th August. I was unaware that there was limited parking at the hotel and upon checking in at 18:10 I was informed that I would need to use one of the car parks situated nearby at a cost of £12 for 24 hours. I then made the decision to park my car (at approx 18:15) on one of the few available spaces at one of the NE Parking Ltd's car parks, as it was closer than were I had initially left my car prior to checking in. I checked the payment meter and discovered that there was no facility to pay by card and it would only accept coins, to which neither me or my partner had at the time. The mistake I then made was deciding to leave my car without a ticket for a short period of time whilst I carried our bags into the hotel room and then went off in search of a cash machine or shop to get the required change for the parking meter. I managed to purchase a ticket at 18:36 only to find that within 21 minutes of leaving my car I had been issued a PCN for failing to display a valid ticket. Great! I then took the PCN off my windscreen and left it in my car with the ticket I had just purchased on my dashboard, as there was very little I could do now with it being a Sunday evening and upon trying to contact the company managed to speak with a mobile supervisor based in Hartlepool! I left my car parked overnight and returned to it around 3pm the following day to set off for the journey home. Arrived to find another PCN had been issued for failing to display a valid ticket but unfortunately the ticket had blown off from my dashboard to the side of my front passenger seat which was probably due to strong winds which Blackpool had the previous evening and day. When I got home I e-mailed a detailed letter of appeal to the company outlining my circumstances with photographic evidence of the ticket I had purchased plus receipts of my check in time at the hotel and from my purchase to get cashback from the shop. I respectfully requested that the 2nd PCN issue be cancelled due to the fact I had already been issued one and that I could prove I had purchased a valid ticket. I also requested that the 1st PCN be reduced to an administrative charge due to being parked for 21 minutes without a valid ticket. I have today received 2 letters from NE Parking advising that both PCN's were in fact issued correctly and that I was parked in breach of the terms and conditions of parking. Firstly, should I pay them for both PCN's? Secondly, can a second PCN be issued if one has already been done? Thirdly, if I appeal to the IAS as suggested by them using the same letter and evidence offered, would it help to get the PCN's cancelled or reduced? I accept begrudgingly that the first PCN I may struggle to quash, as I have stayed longer than the grace period (heard it is 10 mins) but it just seems as though I have been a victim of an over zealous parking attendant who has watched me on CCTV then very quickly issued the PCN before I returned with my ticket. The second PCN I feel really strongly about not paying because I can prove I have purchased a valid ticket but being parked near a sea front with strong winds and not being able to stick the ticket to my windscreen has made it look as though I haven't paid and displayed. Thanks very much in advance for any opinions or advice that may be offered regarding this issue. Carl
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