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  1. Bank still refusing to pay me out. I have filed numerous complaints and had zero contact for weeks. CRS have ran numurous times also have just been blanking. Cant see me getting the money back tbh.
  2. Iv’e put in another claim today telling them about the lack of fca license. Hopefully now it will be sorted. I should know by monday.
  3. Is there anything particular i can say to the bank to make them see sense? Like a rule they are not abiding by. And is there any body i could threaten to report them to if they dont abide by the DD rules.
  4. Will try again tomorrow but it will be my 4th attempt. Thanks dx.
  5. TSB, i was ranting on the phone for a good 20 minutes they where saying it is a dispute. Unfortunatly i am not as informed as some of the posters on here so run out of things to say. Its just not an argument i can win. Dont know what to do tbh. I could ring them again but i fear the outcome would not change.
  6. Should i call the banks fraud team an tell them this? I really want this money back tbh.
  7. The bank have rejected my claim for the dd to be returned. Absoloutly fuming. I am still on the phone to them. They are saying i am in a dispute and they cant return it. What do i say? Any ideas what i can tell the bank? And next to where the money comes out in mu statement it says moneywise services. For instance if you buy somthing in tesco it will say: Tesco £4.55 Moneywise services £9.99 Iv’e been arguing with the bank on the phone and they will not change there stance. They have give me the number for the fraud team. Any idea what i should do next?
  8. No mate nothing was signed for a new DD, just a phone conversation. The gym membership ended a long time ago even if i had seen out my contract it would of ended in 2017 sometime around march. Pretty sure i am within my rights to claim the money back. They got a fair bit out of me and if it wasnt for this site i’d still be paying them another 200 odd quid now. So thanks everyone who has helped.
  9. Thanks dx, i paid the majority of the money to CRS via one bank and 20/30 via another ive only claimed the majority back. And Moneywise services are just CRS. Thats what the name was on my statements when i paid CRS.
  10. And i have no idea what a DD mandate is? Any DD was det up over the phone with CRS.
  11. Just got back off the phone with the bank and the lovely lady on the phone has went right back to 2016 when the first payment was made and flagged it up. She said the money should be in my bank by tomorrow afternoon. I have claimed back most of it but there was another 20/30 pound i paid out of another bank. I am thinking about writing to CRS an telling them they can keep it as a final settlement? If not i will claim that back also.
  12. And ‘moneywise services’ is what the payments to CRS have been coming out as.
  13. Phoned the bank back and after 30 minutes off being on hold they tell me i have to enter the branch. Disgrace.
  14. I am only claiming back the money taken by ‘moneywise services’ Once i canceled the dd for the gym i stopped using it and could not gain access. This is when i started paying CRS. They have took 215 pounds off me so far for a 12 month contract at 9.99 per month. And they are still asking for another 250. I want every penny back i have gave them. Absoloute **** bags have had my head in bits at times.
  15. Rang the bank today and gave them the first payment date and the last. The guy on the phone had never done anything like this before so was clueless. He said he has no idea of i will get my money back or not. I am going to send a letter to CRS offering them one months payment. Should i include in the letter the fact i have claimed back the dd? Will keep everyone updated.
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