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  1. Hi, thankyou, I was told by the IT lady there to do that, so have asked some of the reception staff if they would be willing,, (if asked by one of the partners) to tell him what has been going on. As I dont want to write a letter to him if none of them are ready or willing to say whats been happening to them. It might seem like sour grapes otherwise. Havent had any yes's so far though. I cant push them into it, but hope some of them will. As for my boss, ive totally lost it with her, I honestly think she has a few marbles missing. And I cant waste anyore mental energy on trying to get her to understand things. Im out on the 5th of October thank god.
  2. Ahh right,, ok,,thanks for explaining,,I looked at no win no fee places, but it really isnt about the money at all,,Ive also had the brainwave of writing a letter and leaving it on the manager of the surgeries desk, just so she knows how I feel and that she is one of the causes ive left,,might not make her feel any different but atleast she will know im not the only one feeling this way.
  3. Thankyou Emmzzi, I have always stuck up for people being bullied and I also feel ashamed that I havent put in a formal grievance,, I handed my notice in 2 weeks ago and have had no acknowledgemnet at all. I do know that a few other people have left her employment and that she is finding it hard to replace them, so maybe karma is already working x
  4. I honestly dont know how to go about it, I dont have solicitor type money. But will look into it and see if theres a way.
  5. Its hard to go through with a grievance when the person I have to see is one of the people I have a grievance with. the other is a superviser that is best mates with my boss, and the other is the manager of the surgery. My boss is who I would have to go and see to do the grievance procedure, she has no one above her as its her business, and its her and the other two that have all grouped together. It is a small business with a boss who wont change anything because she will lose contracts if she does. Dont you think I have mulled this over and over in my head,,I hate bullies the same as the next person, but when its 3 against one I dont stand a chance.
  6. The manager is the manager of the practice,, the boss is my boss, the boss of the cleaning firm, Both have acted disgracefully, I handed in my notice and havent even had an acknowledgement, thats how much she gives a s""t. The reception staff and doctors are all amazing, thats whats sad about it all x
  7. I hope this happens, as i know a few of them are keeping dates and incidents of what she says to them.,, I have to add I like the way your sister sorted her problem out, it made me chuckle lol x
  8. Sorry, My boss owns the cleaning company, so there is no one higher than her i can go through, The practice manage is the manger of the surgery. I have done all I cann with telling my boss whats happeed but she just doesnt care, still hasnt got back to me about me handing my notice in. So she definately doesnt care who else gets work there, I think aslong as she keeps the contract she really doesnt care. The surgery is owned by two senior doctors, I dont think they now any of whats gone on, I get on brilliant with all the staff and docs there, but it is def time to move on, I cant work for people who treat you as the lowest of the low..I really o hope that one of the staff puts in a complaint though, as id love to see karma catch up with them x
  9. Thats what I was thinking, its like should I or shouldnt I,,,But I think your right, it might just drag out for ages and I havent got the strength for that at the moment. Thankyou x
  10. Hi, I guess its the fact she has left me feeling low,,and also the fact she has shouted at numerous other people there, in front of others, some she has made cry. I was thinking if I did it then maybe she would change the way she acts, and the reception staff wouldnt be treated badly anymore. But saying that I know its up the them to help themselves.
  11. Its part of the NHS but also takes private patients,, I work for a cleaning agency,Ive worked in thie centre for 3 and half years but only with my new boss for just over a year as last one went insolvent and I was carried over to new employer'
  12. Hi, Im new here, but needed to find somewhere I can get some advice. I will just put it out there, I have been put on sick leave by my doctor due to depression, which I have never suffered with before. I am a cleaner for a medical centre, 2 months ago as I walked into work, the manger told me to follow her, she walked me into the kitchen, pointed to crumbs on the floor and told me to clean it up then walked out leaving me stood there like a lemon, I had just started work and would of cleaned it when I got to that room, 3 weeks ago, I walked past her again as she was talking to another member of the practice, she cut her conversation short, and shouted to me, that needs cleaning in there, pointing into the staff kitchen, ,the member of staff that was with her at the time, came and apologised to me saying she was embarrassed at the way I was spoken to. Her and I both!! A lot of little things have happened I thought I would arrange a meeting with my supervisor to tell her what had been happening, she told me matter of factly that bullying happens it happens everywhere, I couldnt believe my ears,she also said that I was a scrubber, I told her no i'm a cleaner, she replied saying your a scrubber, we all are in this job, I told her she shouldnt be a supervisor saying these things to me, Since then I have gone on sick leave due to depression, I wrote to my boss explaining what had happened so she could document it, I explained in the letter to her I was unable to go to her work place which is a considerable way from where I live she replied saying, rather than read your email, come to my workplace, she hadnt even bothered reading it it took me a whole day to write down everything that had happened and she just couldnt be bothered. The next I heard off her was her emailing asking to do a home welfare check, I had been on sick leave for just 6 days, I felt like crap and was tearfull all the time, I asked her what a home visit entailed, and also that the email I had written her wasnt a formal grievance it was so she knew what had been going on, I havent heard off her since, even though I handed my notice in last week, I think when she saw I wasnt raising any grievance she thought bugger it, I dont need to keep in touch with her now..it has all left me feeling worthless, I did a good job if I didnt the medical centre wouldnt of been able to open, im just wondering if i should put in a grievance, she is the top boss, she built the business so who do i go to, who can help me if it is her business?
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