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  1. Thank you everyone. I have just challenged the PCN and I´ll wait for their reply.
  2. Hi! good morning! The van is still registered in the UK but I returned to Portugal due to family needs and I don't think I will go back to the UK. What's the best thing to do? Send the letters back because I am not living in the Uk anymore, ignore or answer them?
  3. Hello, good morning! The PCN was sent to a friend's home to where my post goes. The van is still registered in the UK but soon it will be registered in Portugal. For this reason, I still keep an address in London to get my post from DVLA and others.
  4. Hello! I got a PCN for driving my van in London without paying the low emission zone fee. I already returned to Portugal. I wasn't informed about the need to pay this fee. I didn't do it on purpose but because I didn't know at all that my van was entitled to pay this charge. I don't have money to pay. Do you know if they can find you abroad and send the letters to your home country?
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