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  1. Hi, If I have 4 accounts with one DCA, do I need to submit a separate CCA letter per account and a £1 postal order per account or can I just do one CCA requests to them listing all accounts and one postal order? I assume it's the former but wanted to check. Thanks
  2. I get the feeling I'm spamming the thread, so apologies if I'm making it confusing. Another question based on something I just read. I read a Charging Order enables interest to be charged at 8% per annum. If I sell, am I going to get hit with 5 years of 8% per annum? The most recent letter from Cabot still references the original CCJ debt amount. Grateful for your input.
  3. Thank you for the advice. I believe it's a charge as the house is in my sole name, I have pasted the entry from the Title Register below. Does this confirm my thinking? Is there anywhere else I should check the CO? This debt was 2007 so originally unenforceable I believe, but with the CCJ and CO in place, I think I'm screwed and going to have to pay them. As I want to sell the property, I have no way around this now, right? (XX2014) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the King's Lynn County Court dated XXX 2014 in favour of HSBC Bank Plc (Court Reference XXXXX).
  4. Unfortunately the home is in my sole name, so looks like I'm going to have to try and make a settlement or somehow work these figures into my plans to get rid of the property... bit of a nightmare but hey ho!
  5. Thanks dx. So I am just going to have to just pay up by the looks of it then? :-/ Very frustrating - wish I had defended it at the time - bad mental health at the time though... I really do believe it was HSBC who took me to court back then, I am going to ring the court tomorrow to find out. I have obtained the deeds to my property which shows the CO is registered in HSBC's name. Does this have any impact? (XX.2014) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the King's Lynn County Court dated XX XX 2014 in favour of HSBC Bank Plc (Court Reference XXXXXXXX).
  6. A couple more questions sorry chaps. 1. If I decide to sell my property now, I assume I will be liable for the full amount to the HSBC Charging Order unless I get an F&F with Cabot and get a certificate of satisfaction? 2. Do I still owe HSBC anything if Cabot have now bought it? Many thanks
  7. Hi, I am looking for some concrete advice please on where I stand with a debt that's hanging over me. The debt is for around £9k and was originally a HSBC credit card. I received a CCJ toward the end of 2013, along with a Charging Order against my property, which I unfortunately didn't contest. As I am self-employed and have children, there has been no enforcement action that the courts would take against me, so I have never paid anything toward the debt, or acknowledge it. HSBC gave up earlier this year and have sold the debt to Cabot. I have read a number of threads on this forum and others which contain a lot of conflicting information. So I guess my questions are: 1. Can I get the Charging Order removed on the basis HSBC no longer have an interested in the debt, or have Cabot effectively taken ownership of both? 2. Am I right in thinking Cabot have no enforcement options whatsoever unless they get the CCJ and CO re-assigned officially in the court? 3. Will Cabot likely affect a low F&F settlement to see the back of this debt, or do they usually hang on for the long run? 4. I believe there are probably at least 1-2k worth of charges and interest added to this credit card, can I pursue HSBC for them, and if they are awarded, can HSBC withhold it against the original debt? Thanks in advance. JD
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