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  1. My experience of money claims so far is that apart from the judge and one of the call centre people, the rest of them dont seem to have a clue on what court process is . It's effectively a call centre which is ridiculous.
  2. In all honesty, i really hope they don't strike it out and the reason for that is because we want to counterclaim BUT it looks way better for us that he brought the claim. It also means we can highlight him not following correct preaction protocol. My preference would be it is not struck out. His incompetence is to our advantage so to speak. In any case, we are ready with our counterclaim and defence. We just need help sorting out the amount to claim for.
  3. I would say, had we not phoned the court ourselves to tell them verbally we have a particulars now, they wouldnt have any idea we had received it as the claimant has not filed any n215 .... he seems to be a bit clueless on the process. But unfortunately the court is the County Count Money Claims Centre and they arent much better in all honestly.
  4. Hiya, Thanks for replying. What happened is we got the claim form with date of service 4th Sept. No particulars and no indication one was to follow so we had a fit and told the court that they shouldnt have served it in the first place. Judge on the 6th Sept order a stay and told the claimant he had to file a PoC for the court to lift the stay. He didnt do anything until we wrote him a stern letter telling him to file it or we would get it struck out. So he ended up sending a copy to us on 26th September and the court the same day. So yes - he filed it late...but technically it
  5. Thanks Bankfodder, I agree with you but unfortunately it has gone way past all that. We asked him about his trade associations at the start of the dispute. He declined to give us any info. He has written in his particulars we dont have corroborating info and so it will look a bit weird now while the claim has already started, to go behind the courts back and not do it without court authorisation. The costs are high and it really needs to be a direction of the court at this stage given its already an official claim. We have written in our defence that we have quotes for indepen
  6. Hiya, In reply to your questions here Attached a sanitised version of his particulars of claim. The other parts of the claim form really dont say much else. In terms of filings - we filed an acknowledgement of service but the claimant failed to file a Particulars so the judge stayed it till he did. He finally filed it on 26th September so we are now awaiting court directions as to the stay being lifted. Either way, we should have till 24th October to file defence and counterclaim now but its up to the judge to tell us so. In terms of what happened. Briefly
  7. Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help ! We received a claim from from our builder because we have withheld payment of the final instalment as he as breached his contract with us. He sent a claim form asking for the money to be paid (approx 1667.00). We are now trying to work out the counterclaim and having serious difficulties in understanding what to do. Any help appreciated. problem outlined here. (ignoring court fees and interest at the moment) Final installment withheld by us is 1667.00 BUT this value is incorrect as he is trying to charge us for mor
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