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  1. I'm just wondering if I should use resolver instead it goes to the top and has more clout
  2. Hi thanks its my first post how do i move to the insurance forum ? just copy and paste ? Gem x
  3. Hello group, I have had a letter from debt and revenue services saying they will visit my property ( i'm not unduly concerned as I dont live there ) However this is for a supposed debt of an auto renewal house insurance of £50 which they have now pushed up to over a £100 with their terms and conditions : I had previously told Admiral last year that I did not wish for them to continue after 12 months and cancelled my DD so they couldn't take it ( they tried) and I insured with another company. My question is ...does this situation go on and on ? are these idle threats? does Admiral seriously take people to court for this and win ? what is is the law on auto renewal? and should I just ignore this or write to admiral CEO ? Thank you very much for your advice and help ? Gem x
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