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  1. What about the moorcroft one , should I send them a cca . Thanks
  2. Sorry to be a pain , this is all new ro me . What is a cca and what happens when I send it to them . Should I send it to all of them . I keep logging in when I can as I am working , helping my wife , who is in hospital and visiting my mother in a care home . So it is all a bit hectic . Thank you again for helping me
  3. Nat west 4000 credit card says wescot credit services as creditor name and further down it says ,under product name , wescot cabot accounts ... Nat west £527. Current account . Wescot credit services , further down under product name it says wescot rbs retail accounts this last one has had several owners , nat west /rbs sept 2008 , Wescot credit services apr 09 , nat west /rbs May 09, hoist finance May 2010 , Nat West/rbs Nov 2011, wescot credit services Aug 2016, Nat west/ rbs July 17, wescot credit services July 17 ... so this ,
  4. The moorcroft was from hsbc , then to hsbc then back to moorcroft . The wescot was from Cabot then transferred back to wescot
  5. Yorkshire bank credit card , Cabot, 2003 , to payplan Sep 2008. Owe 6400. Yorkshire bank current acc, Cabot. 2000 to payplan Sep 08 “. . Owe 298.00 Alliance &leic. Credit card. . Link .... 5000.00 Hsbc credit card 2000. Moorcroft. 860. Hsbc loan Nco Europe. .. 2002. 11000 Citi financial credit card. 2000. Nco Europe 870.00 ‘Citi financial credit card. 2000. Nco Europe. 5000 Nat west current account. 1996 Westcot. 527 .00 Nat west credit card 1966. Wescot. 4000.00 All transferred to payplan Sep 2008. Although they hav
  6. I am paying 8 debts through payplan , all the debts are paid through them to Cabot , nco , link . I have been paying £100 per month through payplan for 8 years . I am confused now . The previous thread says it is legal for the dca’s to Make me pay the debt back . One says I am being cash cowed payplan just pay any Tom, dick or harry . Should I stop making payments to payplan to pay the dca ‘s Or carry on paying these debt collection agencies , which one says are legally collecting the debts which they bought for a small price . Which should I do .
  7. No . Just in my name but at same address. I have paid thousands back . But I didn’t know , and wasn’t told by payplan , that I was paying to debt collection agencies when legally I shouldn’t be . These agencies have bought the debts for next to nothing . One of them is for £8000 , Cabot own this and have recently sent me a letter saying that if I pay £2900 , they will wipe the rest of the debt off . But apparently I don’t owe them or any of the debt collection agencies anything ? Regarding the post that says are consumer action group now telling people not to pay their
  8. [thank you for advice . Payplan have sorted all my payments to Cabot financial (Europe) ltd for marlin financial , ex Yorkshire bank loan . Link financial ltd. Ex alliances &Leicester credit card Nco Europe ltd. Arrow. Ex hsbc loan Wescot credit services . Ex Cabot ex nat west credit card and loan .. All these have bought the original debt from the banks . So I don’t owe the banks , I owe to these other agencies who have bought the debts for next to nothing . Why are payplan ( who are supposed to be helping me ) not telling me that I should not be pa
  9. Thank you for replying.. payplan said that because it is going to take such a long time to repay the debt , an I v a would be only for 6 years and then I would be debt free . . They suggested an I v a for the past few years and I have said that I don’t want to go down that route . I am legally okay to carry on paying into this debt management plan as I am doing and they can’t force me into taking the I v a , which they keep on pushing . Thank you
  10. I am paying £100 per month to payplan who share the payment out to the companies I owe . They have told me to take an I v a Because it is going to take me 20 years to pay back what I owe . I don’t want to take a i v a ... they said unless I can afford to increase my payments and pay off the debts earlier , then an I v a. Is the only option . I can’t increase the amount I am paying .. they also said that if I died , my wife would have to pay the debt as I incurred the debt at this address .. this is all very stressful . .. I have paid back about 8 thousand
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