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  1. thanks Dx. Yes I am having a look at other threads as well.
  2. Hi Dx my last post has been closed (RAK/ IDR ) as its over a year old, so I am making this new one. Basically I have received a letter from moriarty (I think its a Pre Action letter) for ADCB with a income / expense form. This is the 1st time I heard from them. Though I left Dubai in 2015, I properly moved back to UK Autumn last year. (And finally got some freelance work) So I am happy to pay a small sum each month (given I have multiple cards in UAE) if necessary. Just wondering on your suggestion on how should I respond. And although there are few threads on moriarty - I didn't actually find out if they have actually had any court rulings or anything like that. thanks
  3. Hello Dx Yes I will update if I have anything new from DCA or bank. Since my last post I have not had anything yet from them...
  4. Hi Rgaine Do keep posting if anything happens. (As I am on the same boat. Haven't had anything served yet). but maybe they will do the same with me as well This I never heard - served in person by another DC, I thought IDR were the only once doing this stuff.
  5. Hi Dx No i am not in Electoral register. Hi Uncle Noted
  6. Yes i will respond. But I can respond via email right? They have given a email address. Well i don't really have a permanent address in the UK last few years. Whenever I am in UK. I am just staying with various family and friends. (So its bit complicated i guess.
  7. Hi Dx, Yes it is Rak bank. Sorry I apologies I did reply to emails in 2018, because I thought I had nothing to hide like you said I don't have any asset or anything. They did go quite after that. then - letter came - "Couple of weeks ago in August 2020, sent to my (Old) UK postal address, for Rak bank. A long letter asking me to respond within 30 days to avoid court proceedings A reply form of Annex 2 - tick various box (I owe debt; I dispute; I will pay now; I will pay need time; etc etc) Another annex form 3 - financial statement (monthly income; outgoing etc etc)" It came from IDR stating they would like to "engage with me" if not client "can/ may" take -court action for CCMCC - Bankruptcy I don't know what it mean - CCMCC thanks Hi Dx sorry another point might not be important but still. I was told the letter documents arrived via normal post and the envelope was already half torn! papers were nearly coming out!! hand written address.
  8. Hi Dx Ok. Yes I send all the stuff to idr over a year ago. But that was my question the letter was send from idr. Not cw. If you read my 1st post. Idr sent the letter but the person who wrote to me (when i Google seached, seems to be with cwd)
  9. Hi dx Yes i will reply. I have always replied to their emails. Just odd they sent letter/ documents via post this time. Didn't understand what you meant by rak has all these info? What i wanted to know more because of my curiosity - idr is solicitor firm or just a collection agency?
  10. No, currently I don't have any assets not only UK but anywhere. Not a resident in India no. But I am living here months on end. (I am Indian origin but British)
  11. Hi Andy, I understand but I was looking for some answers on the 5 points I have raised. Currently in India as well. Don't know when I can get to UK, not before next year I would guess...
  12. I have been following this forum since 2016, and have written here couple of times in the past. Writing again on a new development/ event which I would like to get your comments on Without going into all details, in short - I left UAE when I lost my job in 2015. leaving behind debts with few banks (CC etc). Now and then I have worked on small projects as a consultant since. And next to nothing in earnings! (Given all my life I worked in MEA, any good job offers I got was attached to that region which I can't take.) I have had communications from IDR quite regularly. I have always said I don't have any job and when I can I will settle the matters. I just keep getting emails every few months, which I respond to. So far what I understand nothing else has happened. Just same old email chasing and nothing else. However, Couple of weeks ago a letter was sent to my (Old) UK postal address, for Rak bank. A long letter asking me to respond within 30 days to avoid court proceedings A reply form of Annex 2 - tick various box (I owe debt; I dispute; I will pay now; I will pay need time; etc etc) Another annex form 3 - financial statement (monthly income; outgoing etc etc) But I am bit confused with the following :- a) I already have replied/ communicated with them in the past for same bank, via email. So why suddenly a letter was sent. b) The address is no longer my permanent address. I don't have any more permanent address in UK (due to lack of regular income, I have been living mostly in India where I don't have to pay any rent or anything monthly expense). c) This letter was sent/ signed by a Solicitor (generally I get email from account manager etc not solicitor) d) Another interesting fact - if I search on the Solicitor, then the person is attached to CDW not IDR. but the email address in the letter is idr email ID. e) Their reference do not match on Covering letter (which was same reference used a year ago on email) and the Annex form.
  13. dx if you will see my original post (maybe a month or so ago). its not an info uae bank will have.
  14. Tilly Do see my post, from maybe a month back. they asked me (giving the exact date). I asked in this forum "how" but no one seem to have a clear idea. They must have some sort of checking process. Even I am out of work they just keep chasing and chasing.
  15. thanks Dx100uk. No I never had this been served (as far as I am aware).
  16. dear lorcandub do post the outcome of this, as you said many post about SD etc but I have not seen any post after that.. I am on the same boat so curious to know what are the out comes. My 18 years of career is almost over due to this... I don't really know what SD looks like - will that be 1) a standard letter with uae bank paperwork & TC Or 2) will it be a court paper? If the answer is 1) then I had that but nothing happened. All I can say they have not taken me to court yet 2 years and still fiddling. Having said that I have no asset or work (since I returned from UAE) so perhaps I am not a good catch yet!
  17. yeah still Willy Waving lol. I understand what you are saying and I am sure perhaps they are just scaremongering. But how have they received this "certain information suddenly last week" got me really stressed.
  18. Hi Dx100uk, in response to above why i replied - 2 reasons mainly. a) I was worried (still am worried) 2 years ago when I just left. b) I didn't come across your forum. They also sent letters. I understand your point and perhaps you are right they cant do nowt! However, how did they suddenly gained information about my account with exact date of a transaction on a property transfer, as I stated above. Are they able to have access to my accounts? Are you able to perhaps give us your view. thanks again Hi sorry - just answering your Q is all this rubbish coming by email? They sent me email and letters/ I chose to respond via email as I was really not sure what to do at that point (2 years back).
  19. Hi dx100Uk, I have been following the advice in this forum as I am on the same boat. But something very strange happened in DCA email. I have sent you an email in your Inbox with the details. I will be ever so grateful. thanks I have been following this forum for a long time. Like many I have same issue with few banks in UAE since 2015. I had contact from CW and IDR - I have always told them when I find employment I will contact banks directly to settle my issue. question for dx100uk (or anyone else with knowledge) I receive a chaser (mainly from IDR) every few month which I respond to politely stating my situation. However, last week I received a email reply --- " We will try to hold your account . But Please be aware the bank may withdraw the case from us and pursue legal action as they have questioned why payment was not made from the capital you received from the transfer of property on (**/**/ 20**)" This got me really worried as to how they have access to all these details of my account. I mean even the exact date of a payment (though a small about) but still this a information from 2 years ago. This has got me quite worried and I would like to respond to them properly without creating further problems.
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