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  1. Sorry, had posted a question but feeling very paranoid right now so deleted. Apologies for not updating just been a very tough time. Thanks.
  2. Hello.., I've had a very tough few days....I won't go into detail but it involved many hours at the hospital. I haven't had time (or the health ) to edit my letter to the job centre much and the appointment is coming up soon. The one friend I have left helped me with what they could and we removed some bits but couldn't stay with me too long as had other commitments I know one bit of advice was to just stick to the facts and no reasons, but I feel i have to explain fully to try and avoid any interviews as I wouldn't have anyone to attend with me and cant cope alone. I should b
  3. Thank you so much. You've been incredibly patient with me.
  4. No wasn't fraud as thought student loan company would have been in touch to sort repayment. As I said during the course of trying to deal with so many things at once it didn't cross my mind to say thing about it and forgot as was swallowed up by debts. It not for this DRO I wouldn't have remembered at all. I guess if I had carried on with uni and not said anything it might be more serious, but was only there a day. My grand plan was to get a loan to cover my living costs as the student loan would have ended up as £1100 in fees and £500 to last 5 months. When I say down realised how stupid
  5. Ok thank you. I am starting to feel a bit more clearer. I should have taken more care, and the situation is not ideal , especially with my recent DRO and health problems, and I should told the job centre immediately not a year later, but as soon as I realised the errors i took action to try and resolve so hopefully they won't be too harsh on me. One last questiin, I read any amount over 2k means court. Is this just for fraud or overpayment too? Will update once I know more and in the meantime try to go to the doctors and get my mood a bit more stabilised. As you can probably tell everyt
  6. Thank you For your reply. From what I've read because I'm not in DLA i woulden't have been entitled to universal credit whilst studying in a part time masters anyway, so would that amount still be disregarded?Although I was only a student for a few days. Guess the job centre thought I wasn't severe enough for DLA or PIP as it's never been suggested to me, only my therapist and the person I saw at the CAB said I might in the the wrong work group. To be honest if it was just that one issue i wouldn't be freaking out So much....But the last wage I didn't declare because it was rec
  7. Thank you for your reply it helps to know I'm not totally alone. For the last few days I've spent all day every day looking up uc overpayments, the past month googling cancer and the month before that debt relief order s. I've always had mental health issues but they were fairly manageable. The past 12 months my anxiety is sky high, I find myself obsessing over things and feel like I'm having a mental breakdown. For anyone reading this , mental health problems are exhausting. I hate my life and being like this. Last July i got a degree, something I thought I'd never
  8. Driving myself crazy with worry. Can't cope with this. Can't call the crisis team as that'll delay telling the jobcentre. Feel so lost and tired. 3 different things it seems I was careless with. The earnings in previous 12 months, the final wage from job, and the student loan. What if they say it's fraud? Interview under caution? Court? No matter what I always maintained in life that there's a glimmer of hope things could get better. That's gone now
  9. Here is a quick draft i written, I'm going to try and recover deleted emails and texts to see if I can find the one where ex sent a picture of my stuff outside his flat. I really hope they don't contact him as I wouldn't put it past him to try and cause issues for me. This statement is to inform yourselves of a possible overpayment of my Universal Credit. August 2017 when I first claimed I was asked online about previous earnings in the 12 months prior to my claim, I put my partner at the time and I were earning less than £430 a month. I must admit I should have checked the wordi
  10. Thank you so so much. I was hoping the Work coach would have helped me organise it, but as a previous poster said, everything is done online now. The CAB said I only go back to them I've told the job centre and they have sent out the next steps. Will get a timeline together shortly. Is it best to send by private message or post on here? Hopefully work coach will be willing to provide some sort of background to the decision maker about my health et c
  11. Ok thank you. Just realised I didn't even reciev e a p45, it probably went to my old address and ex threw it away. I can't really tell them anything about my ex partners earnings as I have no idea. But I can show them my undergraduate student finaonce and the pay slip from the job I did for 3 weeks and that would cover the 12 months prior to claiming. I had no capital that I got rid of in order to claim benefits or anything like that so hopefully be ok. If I redact/ change some info on my statement is it possible for one of you helpful people to have a look at it before my appointment nex
  12. Ha, just thought of something. When I finally got somewhere to live i made an appointment with the job centre to show them my tenancy agreement etc. When I got there they said because I'm housing association i had to declare it online and didn't need to come in and see them. i was unaware of this. I completed the housing costs and detail bit online. A month later i didn't reci Eve the money so queried it.I Apparently I had to change the address on another part of the site and because it still had my c\o address on there they couldn't verify my housing costs. I think beca
  13. Hi, should I mention the previous earnings and the final wage from the job I started and had to leave before I claimed as well then? I just don't want something else to come up later It will be impossible to know ex partners earnings as I can't contact him and he might lie to be vindictive (abusive relationship) i lived with him 3 months of the last year before I claimed and in that time he wasn't working the whole time or claiming benefits for any of it. I only worked for 3 weeks and didn't claim anything then with him as I was living off credit cards and overdraft. Plus he is n
  14. Thank you so much for your advice. I'll spend the next few days writing everything up, will the work coach be able to upload the documents for me? Will I need bank statements as back then I had another account which was included in the DRO and since yesterday I can't seem to access online statements. It's only because after the DRO was approved i was googling and someone said although student debt is excluded you still have to declare it, so the insolvency service asked how much I owed*. Then I logged into student finac e and reviewed the details and saw the bit about it being c
  15. I know, I have a tendency to over think and catastrophise unfortunately. My bulimia has been awful since I discovered these mistakes, plus for the past month all day every day I've been googling cancer stuff because of my family member.
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