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  1. Aaaah, I see. My brain was just concentrating to the machine, so I got confused. Thanks.
  2. What are you on about!? "Nowhere do they use that word"?! They whom? The machine did appear to work fine, what is a problem in me using fine as a word? #confused.com
  3. Unfortunately, the payment never came out of our account, we did think it did (at the time) but the machine either broke then and there, or it's simply a machine set up to do things like that and to charge their users £60+. Thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated.
  4. Hi All, I hope someone will be able to help me, as we got ticket and I am refusing to pay it, as we did nothing wrong. Back in May, 5th of May 2018 we went to Willen Lake (this is somewhere where we go at least once per week, this time, for some STUPID reason, we have parked at Napier Willen Lake, North Car park, which is a new carpark and not our usual parking spot. we drove in, went to pay, but seen that at this particular car park we need to pay on our way out, as such. we went to park for just under 3 hours, came back, went to the ticket machine, entered our car registrat
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