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  1. I had to submit as above anyhow would the judge not question why i didnt bother to mediation or have any contact with PE
  2. So here is my draught copy of my WS In the County Court at Liverpool Claim Number ######## Parkingeye LTD – Claimant Miss – Defendant Witness Statement 1. I do not believe that Parkingeye LTD have the authority assigned to them by the landowner to enter into contracts with the public and to make civil claims in their own name because they have failed to produce sight of this contract either in response to a CPR 31:14 request for documents nor in their evidence bundle. 2. I believe Parkingeye LTD lack planning permission for their signage and they are in breach of
  3. they didnt supply the contract with landowners no. i am just trying to get my WS together to post a draft here
  4. Well today I have received PE evidence they intended to use in court. All 27 pages of it. its just what letters they have sent to me and a map of what signs are where. no mentioning of the planning permission or permits I asked to see when I sent the cpr off. I have noticed on PE evidence it states all signs are clearly visible, readable, ample and I should be able to read them even when driving between 5-10mph. My pictures say otherwise. I am going to give the court a call on the 16th to see if it has been paid. If it has I am going to need a little bit of help ge
  5. So i filled the n180 in sent off as advised and have now received my court date for liverpool court. It says i have until the 1st march to file all my evidence and send it to the court and PE It also says they have until 4:00pm on the 15 feb to pay the £25 trial fee or it will be struck out. I am wondering if it is worth me sending my evidence in asap in the hope PE look at it and decide it wont be worth pursuing it any more and dont pay the £25 trail fee therefore getting it struck out
  6. Thanks I got my ticket in a hotel patron only carpark and after reading this, it may be an idea to go at them with this approach rather than i didnt read or take notice of the signs
  7. I have been trying to read other threads and i have asked a few questions but they all seem to go quite at certain points with no more information on them. Point me in the right direction and i will read it and wont have to keep asking
  8. Any update on what happened I am upto post #46 in my process and just trying to get as much information to help me out
  9. It says defence filed on the 8/10 I don’t recall getting a letter from the court about anything. Just this latest one that is a photocopy of a generic directions questionnaire that arrived on the 3/11 Like I say, I have not received anything else. After reading this last letter I think I just wait for a court date or an offer for mediation from the court
  10. We received a letter on the 3rd (they only had till the 5th) saying they are going to carry on with the court proceedings and are open to mediation It didnt give us any more information of what happens now or if they want us to do something else. Is there something I should do now or do we wait for another l court date?
  11. I had to tick the boxes on the court letter and fill in the evidence box what defence i am using Then take a picture of it and email it over to the court I used the 2 that is posted earlier on in this thread
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