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  1. That's why we had the whole GDPR dance. I'd be surprised if I heard anything more from them.
  2. I ignored, so Robinson Way called me, asking me to confirm ALL of my details. I told the 'lady' that she could tell me the details as she called me. She then said "due to GDPR, I (me) have to confirm the details", so I replied "due to GDPR, you have no right to my information, and I shall be reporting RW", at which point she argued there "was a legitimate business interest" in RW having my info, so I asked what it was, the line went quiet and then she said "I'll remove your number from our database". Utter, utter morons.
  3. Hi Subaru, funnily enough, I do have an update. I received a letter from RW on the weekend (roughly, as I don't have the letter to hand) stating that "Robinson Way can't prove the debt, have no evidence of a debt, although you definitely did have a debt, but we still want you to pay the debt." What I thought was kind was that RW had said they'd contacted the original creditor (which they don't actually know who it is, or have any proof of any debt), and have asked them not to proceed with legal recovery (and I quote) "as the debt is unenforceable" They are absolutely clutch
  4. Hi, Eric's brother. My surname isn’t common at all, I really stand out. There is only my family with the same name. It’s odd that they’ve got my address, but I’ll wait and see. Thanks
  5. Well, I spoke too soon. I received a letter today stating RW are investigating my query and have put my account on hold (very decent of them). Surely if they have my details they can quite easily prove the alledged debt?
  6. Quick update: Well, I’ve heard nothing - no calls, texts, emails or letters since I told them that I have no debt with them or Abbey.
  7. Thanks both. I’ll just ignore now as calls and texts have stopped, I don’t owe them or Abbey any money, so I’m hapoy they aren’t going to come knocking! Appreciate your help in putting my mind at rest.
  8. Not really. I have asked them to state what the debt is for and who it belongs to. I want to put the matter to bed, rather than keep having them hassle me. Is that wrong?
  9. Hi renegade, (and eric’s brother) I set up an email specifically to deal with then. As soon as the matter is put to bed, I shall never use the email again!
  10. Hi both, I’m much more confident that they’re in the wrong and I’ve got nothing to deal with, so I will again email them (if they continue) stating the guidelines on nuisance calls (as already asked for all correspondence to be written). Thanks again, all.
  11. Well, they’ve continued to call and text asking me to speak to them, but haven’t put anything in writing to me.
  12. Well, no written response (I know it’s very soon), but they’ve continued to call and text me asking to call them. It’s an interesting waiting game.
  13. Nice one, ericsbrother. I’ll see if I ever hear from them again and let the forum know.
  14. Thanks all. Feeling slightly less stressed about it. I can’t believe companies are allowed to do this, but after researching, it seems like such a common occurrence. I’ll update if I hear any more from these chancers.
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