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  1. Update!


    I post my letter of complaint on the 3rd and also 4th.


    I wrote to Jes Staley (Group CEO at Barclays) 3rd of Oct following @slick123 suggestion.

    On the 4th of Oct I did more research and also wrote to the following people

    1) Ms Laura Padovani, (Group Chief Compliance Officer | Barclays)

    2) John McFarlane (Chairman)


    On Monday 8th of Oct I got a cal from a lady that she is calling on behalf of the chairman (being John McFarlane) and that she deals with the bulk of his complaint, that she will look into the case and will contact me in 2 days time but she did not. So on Wednesday the 10th, I called and she said she is still on it, apologized for not been able to call initially and she will contact me before close of business which she did but only to tell me that its not possible to have the funds back and that I will have to wait till after 21st of Nov before they will release the funds.


    My Response to her: I cannot wait till then, I have to live life daily. I cannot cover my Natwest loan, Barclays credit card and furniture finance from Barclays, the point being I have 3 credit facilities that I have to stay on top of every month and as we speak my Natwest standing order for the loan failed to go through and they've actually sent me a letter to this regards. (although personally have dealt with this failed payment to Natwest but the point of telling her all of this is because I am fighting my corner).


    I plead with her to try, then she said I should forward the initial message that i sent to barclaysPOF , showing the proof of funds as well my my Natwest Loan statement, my Barlcyas credit card statement and Barclays Partner Finance Statement so she can see if a senior person can deal with my case. I sent all the info to her and she promised to call then Next day being Thursday 11th.



    She called around 4:30 and said funds been release following the Assessment of a Senior Officer and that I can go to the Branch to collect the money. I went first thing in the morning and they they gave me my Money.

    Thanks to everyone special mention to slick123 and honeybee13

  2. @slick123


    Thank you for sharing, I will also write to John McFarlane (Chairman) and please just to get some insight on my opening. I have done it using the below subject


    Notice of Legal Action and Report to the Financial Ombudsman Service

    Dear Jes,


    I am writing to bring to your attention, a Notice of Legal Action and Report to the Financial Ombudsman Service of Barclay’s lack of urgency and holding my funds following account its review process.


    Note that I have complied with your request; provide you the relevant proof of funds. However, after 20 plus working days has elapse, I called your office advised yesterday 1st of October and was told that I should call back 21st of November 2018.


    I joined Barclays with good intentions, having supported me over the years with a credit card as well as furniture finance for my flat little did I know that banking with Barclays will be the beginning of chronic anxiety and huge emotional distress to me and my fiancee. We were meant to get Married 30th of August and clearly this has not been possible because we were unable to pay vendors.


    Note that that I am also using this medium to demand for a Subject Access Request stating clearly why Barclays have choose to hold my money and I cannot wait 11 weeks for another one of your lacklustre response. I have to live life daily; I almost failed the monthly payment on my Loan.


    I demand that Barclays resolve and respond to this issue within 14 days and failing to do so, I will not only raise this to the Financial Ombudsman Service but my Solicitor will take legal action. I will also bring our case to the BBC Watchdog, citing how Barclay's have not only bullied me as customer but caused me severe anxiety and importantly ruin my wedding arrangement


    @slick, anything i could have done differently interms on the content

  3. Hi Everyone


    Just an Update regarding my own case. I have given Barclays my POF and waited 20 working plus days.


    I was told to called Ist of October, so I called them yesterday and the guy on the other end check the account and read me the notes that was left.


    I quote '' proof of funds received and proof of funds is subject to further review, tell the customer to call BACK after 21 Ist of November 2018.


    This is it for now, have querie why it will take this long but got no reasonable feedback from the team.


    Not sure this is the point where I can involve the FOS, In the event I hear back sooner, I will place an Update too.

  4. @Andyorch.


    I decided to joined Barclays taking onto account they do not only provide me with my credit card of over 3 years, they also provided me with finance for my household furniture when we got a new flat early this year. hence i thought, i might as well just bank with them taking onto account they have always been upfront in assisting me. Little did I know that I was orchestrating my own nightmare.


    I have however, sent the relevant bank statement but thank you for raising this point and i hope it makes sense to you too now.

  5. no, i don't have a business account, its just me only and a partner that i remotely work with in Fyrom and we develop android and IOS application for the both App stores and sell. other times we look for jobs using our freelance homepage and bid for these jobs. thats all we do.


    I will put the statement together and send to them. I do not have any further info beyond whats showing on my statement: being personal incoming and outgoings for the business and personal account.

  6. Advice Needed.


    Please, this questions could have bee raised already but I am facing a nightmare here.


    To make this very brief, I sent 8000 from my personal bank account with another bank and also 6800 from my small business account to a newly opened Barclays bank account totaling 14800. both money was sent from my own bank account with the same bank.


    two weeks afterwards, being 25th August , past bank holiday, me and my spouse where at both at our local Barclays bank to withdraw 7500 but was turned down after waiting 1 hour and said my account has been blocked and suddenly under review. since then we have been tormented and could not collect funds carry out plans marriage plans or make payment to vendors.


    I made a formal ,complain about this and today received a call to say that the account is now closed for fraud and our funds is held be Barclays. the guy i spoke to was terrible blunt and rude and that I should call the account closing team to know if I can get my Money back.


    The funds i deposited in Barclays £8000 came from my own account, savings over the years, cleaning, freelancing and **** packing. the 6800 was from my business account. totally 14800. Now Barclays said that they have held my money and to provide proof of it. what does proof of the money means?


    has anyone heard of this type of thing before, I hope I am describing this correctly for easy understanding, this is what has Happened to me. Advise needed.

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