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  1. Many thanks for the prompt reply, I have followed numerous links and have saved them for easy future reference, but just one more basic question: if I have purchased 3 items - 2 x 2 seater sofas and 1 x armchair but only one item, for arguments sake - one of the sofas, develops an unacceptable fault, can all of the items be rejected (I would have thought so as it is a "matching set" that I have purchased but at times the law can be an a**.
  2. I ordered a 2 x sofas and 1 x armchair from Sofology on 30/08/2018 (cost inc delivery, furniture protection) £3783.50 of which £400. 00 deposit was paid by bank cheque card, the balance is due prior to delivery which I intend to pay by credit card. Due to the numerous complaints now noted with this company, as well as other high st furniture retailers, I want to be aware of what my consumer rights are if I encounter any of the complaints already noted eg, sagging sofa, poor quality construction, poor quality leather in terms of wearing excessively. I am sorry for the hypothetical question but I want to be forewarned as to what steps I should take in such circumstances and under what act etc. Many Thanks
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