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  1. Thanks for the super advise. I just mailed them in the way you said. Now only I can hope my speaking tone is going to ring some bells on them so they respond on time.
  2. Yes they are all different. To make matter worse, the email for paypal account has also been defunct that I had no idea when it happened. Now that I update a legitimate email to replace it, any billing request will come up in short notice. But I have no clue was anything sent beforehand.
  3. Hi dx, Both were done in my mobile, the second one shortly after the first. I am worried this can negatively affect on my credential since I live in europe at the moment.
  4. Hi Hannya, Both E-mail address are irrelevant to my PayPal account. There's option for payment methods and i chose paypal. After the basic information was filled(name, email), I clicked agree the terms and conditions and proceed. UseNext doesn't seem to care whether the email is real, as long as I logged in my PayPal they immediately initiated the free trial period. I had no clue what happened on my first sign-up but I strangely felt something was wrong. At the moment there isn't any track of bills or subscription notice regarding UseNext in my PayPal billing. But I've read stories from other victims that they hadn't got anything either, before the ultimate bill charge suddenly came in force.
  5. Have been googling for a solution to walk me away with this, then found this forum. This forum is amazing! But it may still be uneasy to resolve my trouble, because I red all the other threads by fellow victims and yet none of them matched with mine. It sounds absolutely silly as in hindsight, however, I literally and rather unconsciously has made two sign-ups in UseNext 14 days free trial, with one fraud Email address and the other one is authentic. But both of them have now bundled with my PayPal account, therefore, I assume I will get a double charge in the expiry of free trial period in case I stay put at the moment. I wasn't much too unfortunate, after all I discovered this issue the first day I made the sign-up, not to mention I haven't even started to use it. But the ridiculous part is that even if I have 13 days margin to cancel the one with my real email registered, there is no way I can cancel the other due to I don't own the other email at all. I suppose there won't be leniency given by UseNext then to defeat their own purpose of exploiting as much as they possibly can. As a fact that I have no intention to sign up for UseNext therefore I didn't bother writing down my own email, but only did I realize that my sign-up is immediately activated and the countdown of bill charge is initiated when I logged in my PayPal account. That's why I made the second sign-up with my own email address just to confirm if I'm really into the trap. And it is what it is now.. I am quite panic for this right now, and have probably 13 days left to come up with a solution. Call me an oblivious doodle all you like, but PLEASE if I won't be forcibly charged then that would sound much cozier. What should I do next??
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