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  1. That's great for them then! Do you have any idea if a Stat Dec changes conviction date? Just trying to calculate when it becomes spent.
  2. Wow...interesting to hear. Doesn't really make sense if they're trying to assess your ability to pay the fine currently! It would have been much worse for me as I'm actually on a good wage normally. Lucky I guess!
  3. Hi, So I had my hearing today. The lady who brought me in actually said it wasn't necessarily seen as a Stat Dec but more or a means test as I was pleading guilty. They managed to reduce the £660 fine to £43 due to my maternity pay. The bailiff fee was waived and some of it was legal costs/back duty which couldn't be touched. In the end the total amount owed has gone from £1369 to £350. Result! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for their help. Had I listened to Citizen's Advice, I'd be £1000 worse off. I urge anyone reading this to take advice from the experts on here, particularly Bailiff Advice. Thanks again.
  4. sd131

    DVLA records enquiry

    It's a long story but it's actually for a vehicle in my name. They've already been able to provide me with some info but need to find out if there are any further offences related to the vehicle (don't have access to correspondence) that I'm unaware of, so wondering if they know about everything or if only police are aware of some things.
  5. sd131

    DVLA records enquiry

    Would the DVLA have records of everything against a registration? For instance, would they know about NIPs, police records etc.?
  6. My current mortgage lenders selection criteria allows one CCJ below £500 that has been settled for at least 12 months, so by the time we want a new rate, we should be fine!
  7. Ok, thank you for your help.
  8. my credit score had plummeted. I used Clear Score to do a bit more digging recently and found a CCJ for £316 in April of this year. I am now assuming this is some sort of PCN for the same car, after I had sold it. This is very stressful for me as I already suffer with anxiety, currently have a 4 month old baby and have a mortgage. I know I cannot defend myself against the CCJ by applying for a set aside as they will just argue that the whole situation is my fault. My question is, has anyone ever been able to negotiate with the original creditor? I'm wondering if it's possible that I pay the CCJ in full but that they might have the power to remove it from the Public Register. I'd even pay more if it meant that it would go away. Do they even have the power to do this? I feel I have suffered enough for a very silly mistake. Yes, I know I have made a mistake. Yes, I know I've been ignorant. I'm already very upset and beating myself up about it as it is. So, I please ask that there are no comments making me even more aware of this.
  9. I've checked my credit report and low and behold a CCJ was issued in my name from an address I lived at in 2016. CCJ was only applied in April of this year. I will ring up and find out what it's for tomorrow. Again, absolutely no idea what it could be for. My husband has checked his and there's nothing there. I imagine it's something to do with the car. Probably a PCN or something. Is there absolutely anything I can do about this? I've tracked down the business who I sold it to and the address and phone number. I know they'll never admit to it and are ignoring my texts and phone calls.
  10. No, I've read that magistrates court fine defaults can show for 5 years unless paid within one month of conviction.
  11. I've been trying to find out why my credit score has plummeted so much (999 to 540!) as this probably my main concern now. We're due to remortgage in 2 years! So...I think it's been put on the Public Register as well as the warrant. Whether it's due to a default on the fine or a high court judgement I'm not sure. Say Stat Dec is accepted and I pay the fine upfront, does that mean it will be removed from the register and my credit rating will improve again? Would a N443 be a possibility?
  12. Statutory declaration booked for 12th October. Quick question...when completing the means enquiry form, will they take being on maternity into account? I'll be receiving SMP for the next 4 months which is only about £500. I receive a good wage usually.
  13. I have rang up to make the statutory declaration. I am wondering though...I looked at where the car was seen and I can imagine it being 'left' on that road. I'm starting to wonder whether it was seen electronically but was actually being carried by another vehicle, as it was when it left us. Can I request the evidence that is being used? DVLA have asked me to ring enforcement to request the evidence but said it can take up to 4 weeks. Also, found the text messages to the company I sold it to. The mobile number has been disconnected and they are right around the corner from were the car was spotted! Interesting stuff...
  14. And I do apologise for seeming like I'm going back and forth. I'm already suffering with postnatal anxiety and I'm afraid of the situation becoming worse. I have never been in a situation like this.
  15. Ahh, do you still think I'd have a chance with the stat Dec then? He basically said I'd be opening a can of worms by taking it back to court.
  16. Hi, spoke to a debt specialist at citizens advice today who recommended I pay the fine as a statutory declaration would bring up the fact that I moved house and didn't inform the DVLA, therefore it's my own fault that I didn't receive the letters. Also found out this will be on my credit report for 6 years, and I'm due to remortgage in 3. Cannot believe such a simple mistake can affect my whole life. Many thanks for the advice.
  17. Brilliant, this is very helpful! I was worried they might ask why I didn't change my address, which would open an other can of worms. If they are only going to ask if I plead guilty or not guilty, I'm happy to plead guilty and accept a new fine. If this is the case, I'll go ahead with the stat dec. Many thanks for your advice.
  18. Thank you. Unfortunately all correspondence cannot be located. I've changed my phone since it occurred (which is how I contacted them) and basically have no proof that I sold it. I'm not necessarily aiming to plead not guilty as I'm aware my naivety and ignorance to the correct process is what caused this. I just want the court and bailiff fees to go as I wasn't aware of the proceedings. I have proof I moved address away before any letters were sent. Do you think a statutory declaration and pleading guilty will result in a fine reduction? I'm afraid that making a statutory declaration will result in a higher fine somehow. Also, will this show up on my DBS? I work with children so this could potentially ruin career prospects.
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