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  1. You have nothing wrong in your understanding. That is how the things are currently. The guy has a court in a month so i will have to wait. Thank you for the time you consume for answering my enqueries
  2. thats what i also believe.the issue is what can i do , what are my liabilities and what is the best way to address them?
  3. if he mentions that he sold it to me i dont think that court and police will just drop the case.As you said above''The person keeping the vehicle" has a specific mention in Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act (which is the legislation that places the obligation on you to provide drivers details)''so i believe they will enquire me about identifying the driver as i had it in my possesion and if i tell them i dont know they will assume i was the driver even though i wasnt. i am so scared by the whole situation.also will that hit my criminal record?
  4. i agree that my liability would be to provide details if i was the keeper. but formaly i wasnt as nor titles were exchanged nor any other proof of sale to me. its like a friend gave a car to me to keep at my home and i gave it to another guy who crashed it. who would be liable for damages? anyway. even if i am the keeper under the eyes of law, how can i provide details now after 1 year for a supposed incident of what i dont have a clue it happened? i havent been formally asked by anyone but since the registered owner is going to present my name at court i believe i will be called. I dont have
  5. How can i name a person after a year of not having knowledge of such an event occured?
  6. i didnt know the law so well i thought the seller has done that. also i believe it was seller's duty.
  7. 2 years ago i bought a motorcycle and titles never changed to my name .seller called me now and told me that 1 year ago supposingly someone took my bike and failed to stop on police signal in the night. the police contacted previous owner as it was still registered to him, went at the police station but he didnt remember my details to contact me. now,after 6 months, he remembered my details as he stands a court for failing to transfer the titles and he said he is going to mention me in the court. ofcourse it wasnt me. by the way i have transferred the titles to my n
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