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  1. Thanks again such a relief to know how these DCAs function....I now believe that after making payments over 6-7 yrs that the original debts (bought at a much reduced rate!!) has been paid off...however time will tell nacro
  2. Thanks Is there any chance they will find the CAAs as these are historic?? nacro
  3. Thanks....I have stopped payments for the past 4 months but keep getting letter statements of how much I still owe! Nacro
  4. Thanks dx100 uk One is with Cabot originated with Lloyds 2004 and sold to Cabot in 2012 and current value £6500 the other is with PRA originated with Lloyds 1983 and sold to PRA in 2013 and current value £ 7500... .up until I requested a CCA and SARS last year Nov 2018 I have been paying an agreed monthly sum of £110 between them. My own circumstances is that I am 73 yrs retired pensioner and now want to be free of these debts. help and advice welcome nacro
  5. Thanks Bazooka Boo This is helpful to know... my own situation is that I have written to the two DMC requesting a CCA and Sars both for very historic debts sold by the Banks 6-10 yrs ago... both say they cannot produce the evidence of the sale (DOA) but say I should continue to make my monthly payments as I have been doing for the past 6 years as it is possible these DOA will eventually be found. In the light of this reply I now want to stop making my monthly payments. Any advice would be helpful Nacro
  6. Hi Does anyone know about using the 3 Letter process to challenge personal debts? I have heard this can be very effective? Many thanks nacro
  7. agreed but where would be a good place to start to read and learn. Because of my own debt situation, I am now intrigued as to how this debt industry functions with the buying and selling of debts (peoples distress) as if these were just another comodity like a tins of beans or better still toilet rolls:sad:
  8. Thanks, Silverfox for this information and education as I am now beginning to understand better how these debt collection agencies work esp how they assess and price debts older then 18months. As most of my debts are 7plus years they must have bought them for very little so currently making a nice profit from my distress:violin: I am afraid the welfare depts in both PRA and CABOT were not very sympathic in my case even though I sent GP and Cardio reports. Do you know if there is cut off time for debt collection. In my previous life I managed a number of homeless exoffender hostels and every year it was our custom to write off all bad debts and begin anew in the new financial year!!
  9. Ta....this managing of debts seems to lack real transparency....competency of staff/admin errors/how final decisions are made etc and to think firms like CABOT wanted to register on the Footsi 100 last year:-x nacro
  10. Ta....will do and keep you updated. Also when I sent my GP and Cardio reports to both CABOT and PRA which was turned down so I asked that a competent medical person assess these. This again was turned down saying "this was not needed as team was experienced in these matters"..should we be campaigning for this to change from experienced amatures to medical professionals doing Health Aassessments? nacro
  11. thanks...especially when they get it wrong/false assumption....can this be reported or kept as "dry powder" for use if needed later on?...so SARs can be very very useful nacro
  12. Thank you all for this helpful advice which has now given me the confidence to stop all current payments. I have already got a SARs from both CABOT (showing one of the debts had been written off last year due to being a vulnerable person!!) However when I read the PRA SAR I noted a discussion in the debt team which made an assumption re one of my Bank Statements saying "I appeared to have other income posssibly from a rented source" when in fact I had got this from extra work income during that time... .when pointed out they apologised but is this good enought and professional when discussing vulnerable debts? nacro
  13. Money Plus formally Debtfreeme....and paying £46 per month. Unfortunately when I first got into debt knew very little about similar consumer groups as youself! nacro
  14. Thanks, Cagger and renagadeimp Very helpful advice on both accounts and just confirms what I was planning to do with CABOT. Was less sure about PRA. The SARs sent to both has proved useful as it exposed a number of admin irragularities with both which could be useful and as a back up if any further action is taken. nacro
  15. Hi I am new to the site and just learning how to navigate the forums. Hoping I am now in the correct place to get some helpful advice. I have 4 very historic debts being managed for the past 6-7 years by CABOT and 1 with PRA. In the past few weeks, I requested a CAA and SARs from both which was a very revealing exercise. Low and behold:!: CABOT replied saying they could not find CAA for 3 historic debts so these are unenforceable but that I should continue with my monthly payments to my DMC. PRA replied very differently saying "current accounts do not require credit agreements and therefore no credit agreements have been set up when opening the account". How can these 2 Debt Companies behave and respond differently:?: I now plan to stop monthly payments to CABOT and would like your advice if there will be consequences! I am currently 70+ in poor health and want to be debt free in 2019:!: I have also sent GP medical and Cardio reports to both companies but did not receive any compassionate response:sad: Many Thanks for any advice and direction given. nacro:help:
  16. Hi, I am new to the site and am interested in this ongoing thread. As above I have 3 historic accounts (total £7.800) with CABOT and in the past 2 months requested both a SARS and CCA. I received the SARS and noticed a number of anomolies in their admin which they have now apologised for saying it was due to human error!! More recently in the past 2 weeks I have been informed by CABOT that they cannot find the CCAs for these accounts and so it is unenforceable!! but they will continue to look for the original documents and in the meantime I should continue to make my monthly payments. I have been making regulare monthly payments via a DMC for the past 6 years however on the basis of this new enlighting information should I now stop these payments ASAP as it seems I have been paying CABOT for enenforceable bad debts. Would there be any consequences?? nacro:behindsofa:
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