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  1. may I ask please - the interest that can be reclaimed, is that interest applied to charges (letter fees, etc) or does it also include the extortionate interest they apply to the loans, the renewal and exit fees, etc? thank you for your help
  2. hi - first post so sorry if doing wrong. I know someone (I'm trying to help them) who has also suffered dreadfully at this hands of this company. I am trying to ascertain what exactly can be reclaimed. If you look around the forum it seems like there is at least some things that can?? I don't know yet if it's just charges per se or interest as well. Please don't take my word as gospel but it is my understanding that if its a second charge on a residential property then it is regulated business. I believe Together are regulated by the FCA and thus must be carrying out regulated activities?? Hope my "2 cents" are of some use to you. Good luck with everything and you have my utmost sympathies for what you've been though
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