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  1. Oh thanks dx100uk - that's great. Thanks for all of your help.
  2. Hi dx100uk (again) Thanks for the reply. If you're right, then that is an absolute load off my mind. I will send the SAR to EGG (I am struggling to find their current registered office because they have morphed identity so may times, but that's my problem). When I have read all the info gleaned from this site pertaining to it, I will send. At some point in the future I will come back and tell you guys what the outcome was. Cheers for now Eternally grateful CITIZEN.XYZ
  3. Hi again First let me say that at the time all this was happening, I was in a bit of a daze with all the other issues I had going on in my life. However, I do seem to recall that the judge said something about interest being added to the balance and added that it would be capped at some legally binding maximum (whatever was applicable at the time he said that). I didn't quite get what he meant at the time, but assumed that all would become clearer when I had some sort of official summary of the case come to me through the post. But that never did happen (the summary, I mean). In
  4. Thanks. Shall I just keep quiet about the interest then? Or will all become apparent when EGG respond to the SAR?
  5. Thank you dx100uk You have clarified a hell of a lot for me. I will of course be making a donation to the site to show my appreciation. There is only one thing troubling me now - that is interest being added to the debt balance. Is there any way of checking this or even freezing it? I seem to recall the judge saying they were allowed to charge interest but in accordance with some rule (I cannot recall what it was though).
  6. Thanks for such a rapid response. The whole notion of SAR is a new one on me - I am still trying to digest it from the links you gave. I get that it is some sort of legally upheld data request that I would be making on them, but what EGG address do you suggest? The head office or their registered office? Even so, are you saying that there is a chance I can get the charge removed altogether? And if so, do I ask the Land Registry to remove it? Sorry for being so dumb
  7. Hi again dx100uk I had composed this for you before I read your latest reply. But I will send it anyway, because it might make more sense to your logical mind... I have gathered together a few more facts and also straightened out what advice I am in need of… It goes without saying that during the run up to the repayment defaults, I was keeping creditors informed and making written offers of reduced repayments. In the main, all were ignored. Now specifically relating to EGG Bank (Visa credit card), my initial anger was by the fact that a court decision was made in Bradford (
  8. Dear dx100uk Many thanks for still taking an interest. I apologise for my less than rapid responses (I have been tied up at work)... In answer to your question - No the house is jointly owned between my wife and I. I really need to clarify my exact position to you (which I will try and do in a response later tonight) - I don't think that I have made a very good debut opening post (it does seem a bit disjointed). I will try and rectify that later with clearer information. I do appreciate you taking an interest, as I am really befuddled with the entire mess I have got in.
  9. Hi dx100uk Thanks for replying so soon. You raise some interesting points that I had not thought of. I will do some research into my files, although I cannot recall ever getting an actual copy of the charge (or any result from the court). I will check and get back to you though... I'm a bit confused about the "address comment" - I have lived at my address for 35 years now. What did you mean? I will have to check out what documentation I have got. I know I never had the original court summons to attend Bradford though! I will come back with more info.
  10. Forgive my Sherlock Holmes type topic header… I am in desperate need of some advice from you good people in this forum, as I have now hit a metaphorical brick wall. Some years ago I had an EGG credit card. The card had been used and in operation for about five and half years, during this time there had been no missed repayments. Then during mid 2009, the minimum repayments were inexplicably increased by around 50%. At the time it seemed that they were almost trying to engineer a default. I am self-employed and business wasn’t doing so well, so in May 2009 I wrote to EGG and expl
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