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  1. Another letter from "QDR solicitors" another 14d to pay it otherwise the client may consider CC proceedings to obtain a CCJ etc etc. Nothing new really
  2. It's ok there is nothing to argue about - these letters are "from QDR" even if QDR is just another ltd with a different address in this chain of postal spam, I'm not suggesting it is legitimate. Like DX said it's not a LoC so meh for now still
  3. Sorry I'm not sure what you mean - I haven't suggested any of that - I'm just letting you know what letters come next from who. I'm aware what they're doing and that only an eventual LoC matters
  4. I've looked very closely and everything is QDR solicitors even in the smallest prints
  5. Another new letter - this time from QDR solicitors. "we've been instructed by ZZPS" blabla "failure to pay may result in us recommending to our client that we pass it to our litigation department" blablabla lots of scary stuff. Hopefully just another auto. Would be pretty lame if it finally made it through and I think they have 6y to do it.
  6. New letter - this time from ZZPS - same thing "we are instructed to continue to pursue the matter in the absence of any contact from you". Yawn.
  7. So today I got a nice letter from their Equita company saying "notice of intention to commence proceedings in the county court for 110" with "10 days to pay" and "a copy of this letter will remain on file and may be used as evidence in any future court proceedings". But to me it looks as vague as the other stuff, surely actual NOI's would be more legit? Thought I'd heard the last of this but I guess not it's been nearly a year
  8. Got the last equita one (probably) : FINAL NOTICE we've been unsuccessful in resolving this matter so we intend to refer it back to the PC unless you contact within 7d. Ok
  9. Got the next one today, 16d after the last. Once again it says it could result in passing back to the company. This time it references PE v Beavis 2015 UKCS 67 and also states they're acting on behalf of the company. Other than that, same old.
  10. Yeah I'm still ignoring it - just updating the thread with their outcomes as they happen
  11. 3m later I've now got the Equita letter for £110 saying if you don't pay they may advise PWE to take enforcement action against you
  12. I've seen those arguments recommended so you never know what you should/not use anymore. Got the 2nd letter today with the usual pay within 15d stuff
  13. Yeah I've not paid and would rather not pay their incompetent bullying behinds. I was just wondering if anyone had any record of losing to one (I only hear about winning) n if so what the overall cost was. I'm sure the people who are advised via this site and others appreciate it. In some places you can still straight up ignore all "invoices" which makes the advice simpler! But at least here clamping is illegal afaia
  14. Yeah I can see why people would rather pay £25 to make it go away and have peace of mind and no "records" of court summons etc. What's the worst case scenario if they took you to court and you lost and had to pay for everything? I figure it could easily be a couple hundred or more?
  15. Is there a cheatsheet of things they can fail on with the NTK to check against? It seems weird that they have a list of do/don't required things to claim against you and then they don't do them :o
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