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  1. Hello guys, Just would like to update my case. Maybe will be useful for someone. Now it past more then a month since I send letter to the VCS and they did not respond to it. I know that they still may take me to the court, if it will happen I will update it. I would like to say thank to all of you guys for your support in this case it was very helpful! Thanks very much!
  2. Here is all letters which I have received from the beginning in date order (Letter Before Claim is on page 9). If there is a problems with viewing this PDF file please let me know. new8in1.pdf
  3. Ok, I understand your point. Thanks for explanation. At the moment I am on stage where I received "Letter Before Claim". All letters are attached in PDF file there is 14 pages they are in date order (name of PDF file is "new8in1") Post number #29. I will poste this letter again just in case. So again last letter which I received was 23/08/2018.
  4. No, I did not know about MCOL. They do not have solicitors as far as I can see. In this case, should the text from the link which you provide go to VCS name ?
  5. Thanks for your comment. If I do understand your message correctly you did not find in this attachment "Letter Before Claim" ? In PDF file page number 10 is "Letter Before Claim If there is any problem with viewing this letter(especially page 10 and below) please let me know. If you mean something else could you please specify? LBC.pdf
  6. As far as I understand site regulation I can post links after 10 post. So now you should see link. https://padi.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213845369-Letter-before-Claim-Further-and-Better-Particulars
  7. I was thinking to send them following letter to request more details about contravention. What do you think about it ? Draft "Part 18" Letter Dear Sirs Request for Further and Better particulars Regarding the above and claim form, leading on from PCN xxxxxx it is necessary to ask for more information regarding a purported debt to yourselves. The Particulars of Claim do not meet the requirements of the Practice Directions 16.4 as there are woefully insufficient details for me to form a defence. As such, please answer the following questions. Please respond, in full, within
  8. Thank for the advice. I think that they may go further because I am immigrant (can see this by personal details provided by DVLA) and can not protect my self in court. Easy money
  9. Thanks a lot for this explanation! I do apologies that I post all this info that you already know, just would like to make sure we talking about same thing. As far as I understand you talking about this part: 6. Ticketing 6.1 When a parking contravention is detected, a landholder may place a ticket on a vehicle or give it to the driver at the time of the contravention. In these circumstances the landholder must wait 28 days after which, if there is no response, he/she may submit a request to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for details of the vehicle's regist
  10. Thank you for your full open answer. Yes, all dates are correct. I had a window ticket (notice that I park without permit). As far as I understand they have 14 day to send to me NTK with amount of charge. Also I attach Private Land Terms and conditions.
  11. I am truing to attached file with tenancy agreement. Hope it is possible to see something. If not please let me know I will type it.
  12. Hi, Thanks for your respond. I did park on visitor parking this space is not allocated to any flat. My friend post code is a bit different (as I mention above). There is two building for one parking I am truing to find out what is post code for second building. I did received window ticket (no picture provided so far). It was warning that I parked without permit and they will send me NTK (Notice to Keeper).
  13. Hello CAG, I have received Letter Before Claim. Briefly will explain how does it happen. In 2017 23rd December me and my friend decided to do surprise for our fried who lives faraway, more then 140 miles from us. In car park (car par is allocated to block flats where lives our friend) we arrived in late evening around 10pm and park on visitor parking space. Due to late evening and Christmas hustle I did not saw any of Private land parking sign. In a next day 24/12 Christmas day our friend ( flat owner ) released that we need parking permit to stay in visitor parking. She wa
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