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  1. Hi, this is the letters I have received from the company. You can see the time of issue is 12:53 and the time of pictures which is not clear it says 12:50. I have not yet appealed to the Euro Parking services. The location is Chamberlain Buildings in Birmingham which can be seen on the link I provided and the letters. They are not part of the BPA, they are part of the IPC I believe. Should I reply saying that because the driver did not enter any contract with your company as he could not see the signs on the rainy day that had poor visibility. The driver could not find a parking
  2. Thank you for your reply. I don't know how to see the original planning permission on the councils website. I'm not sure on what to do then, Euro Parking Services are asking for £160 and if I do not pay or reply they will ask Gladstones to commence proceedings against me. I don't really want it to go to the next stage so how would I go about in constructing my reply?
  3. Thank you very much for your reply, does the 10 minutes grace period apply to free car parks that state "max 1 hour parking" too? As I thought it only applied to council ones such as Street parking or when it is paid for and you go over the time by a few minutes...
  4. Hi everyone, I have been away from home for quite some time and I had checked my letters to see that I have received 3 letters from Euro Parking Services about not being parked correctly in a parking bay. The letters had started from £60, £100 and now £160. The driver states the signs (of both the parking signs and the parking bays) were not clear at the time of when they were there or else they would not have parked there at all. The driver was there for a maximum of 5 minutes as the passenger had went into the tesco express. The visibility of day was poor as it was ra
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