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  1. Hi I had an agent managing my property for the past 10 years. The most recent tenant left the property and took all my furniture and there was water damage to two rooms plus other damage. The agent conducted the check out and sent me an email sayin flat had some wear and tear and only mentioned two missing items (there is a lot more thing missing) I questioned this with agent and asked for inventory and condition report. The agent attempted to withdraw their service . I then made formal complaint to agent. The agent has requested a meeting. I have accepted this meeting but I live in Australia. I had planned to phone in to the meeting with my mother attending in person. However The agent is now refusing to conduct meeting over the telephone and has said they will only deal in person with my mother. My mother has from time to time helped pick up keys etc but I own the property and am landlord. Does the agent have any ground with refusing my telephone meeting? Thanks
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