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  1. No not moved. Using equifax So 3 years worth of red marks ( but no 'D') or default date is not considered negative? If no default date when will it drop off??
  2. Thanks. I have 3 shopaheck negative marks, all 3 have red boxes from 2011 with '6' in them(6 payments late) right up to 2015 when they are showing as settled. ( I didn't settle them) anything I can do with these? Should they be gone already?? No default date on any of them.
  3. Anyone advise re the British gas debt with my dad's date if birth? If I write to Equifax will they remove it?
  4. Got no paperwork at all, not sure when it was sold.ll Thing is I don't want to ring Lowell's as don't want to endanger acknowledging it if 6 years hasn't already passed.
  5. Yep, havent paid since 2010 ignored lowell for years, but default years later. Isnt it a dirty trick DCAs do to keep the debt active longer, add defailts to keep debt active?
  6. Not sure, but as an example i stopped paying vanquis card in 2010 but default date is 2015
  7. I am looking at a mortgage hopefully next year so thought i would give the file a look. Good job i did as its in a right mess. 1. I have a debt of my fathers somehow on there, in my name but showing his date of birth, will this be a problem getting it removed? 2. Several debts with Lowells, which are all past 6 years old but showing recentish default dates, which are NOT the original default dates( shopacheck, vanquis). 3. A couple of debts that didnt default for ages, literally showing as red box with numbers in for 3 years befire a *D* 4. Debts that show as settled, plenty of red months ( i never settled them) but past six years old, shouldnt they be gone? Any advice much appreciated.
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