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  1. Hi dx100uk, Interesting read! It would be helpful to know where that email address goes to, hopefully not the dustbin! Thanks again.
  2. Hi dx100uk, Spoke to FOS, interesting call! Will be sending all papers off next week... Thanks again.
  3. Hello again dx100uk, Going round and round in circles with this! I received a reply from HSBC which came up negative (no surprise there)! They asked for Account details and copies of the Legal Agreement(s), which I do not have. I sent them a copy of the letter received from DSG confirming that I purchased goods from them and used a finance agreement(s) from HFC together with redacted copies of all of the bank statements and a spreadsheet with all of this information on. I have spoken to HSBC twice. All calls are taken by a call centre in India! They say that they still cannot locate anything? Should I just send everything to the FOS, or give it up? Surely HSBC have copies of the legal agreements on microfiche? I did ask DSG for the agreement numbers but could not get them, do you know of a way that I could. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks again dx100uk, I'll get it drafted and sent...probably get a reply from Timbuktu!
  5. Thanks for your reply dx100uk. I did come across an address on an HFC link on the web. That was a PO Box in Coventry.... Thanks again!
  6. Thanks dx100uk....I did a little more research and was told that these enquiries are now being handled by HSBC in Sheffield. I'll complete an SAR request under the new regulations and see how I get on. I think you are right about the insurers, being there before!
  7. Hi, this is my first post, please be gentle:smile: I submitted a request to HSBC in relation to PPI that I am certain I had with HFC Bank for two items of computer equipment that were purchased in 1995 and 1997, as I believe PPI was automatically added as a pre-tick? The total amount of both repayments were in excess of £5k HSBC came back negative and asked in their reply whether I had copies of the agreements, number etc. which I don't! I then did a SAR request to Dixons (PC World) which verified that I had both of these agreements with HFC Bank, although they could not give me any agreement numbers? I do have copies of bank statements which cover both of these transactions, which show HFC Bank as the recipient of the direct debit. My questions are as follows; Should I do a SAR request to HFC Bank to see what other paperwork they have, or should it be sent to HSBC, if so to where, and what other paperwork would they want from me? copy of driving licence, utility Bill etc. At the back of my mind I think that I also had some dealings with Beneficial Finance and Hamilton, all now HSBC. Can I do one SAR for all three given that they are all in the same group? Any advice you can give me is appreciated.
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