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  1. Unfortunately did not get the third party Reg, hit and run..... i got the quote from BMW themselves so probably why it is more expensive. Would it be worth getting it quoted by someone cheaper?
  2. Hi there, Recently i had an accident that wasn't my fault when i veered out the way of an oncoming car that came over onto my side of the road. The cars did not collide and i went into a raised curb, the other driver did not stop and drove away. Major damage to passenger side front wheel, and passenger side suspension with body damage. i have a £3000 excess, with XS direct. They claim the car is a right off and their engineer valued the car at £24,000 when brand new in March 18 it was £37,000 value. They are now claiming it is not economically viable to repair. Car was sent to BMW approve garage as in BMW dealership, estimate of £16,000 all in. They class it as Salvage: S? Please help, is there anyway to convince them to repair the car? Thanks,
  3. Bank holiday weekend so i will find out more on Tuesday from work. Will catch up then. Thanks guys speak Tuesday!
  4. i have received a letter this morning from SCS Law with each ticket and date shown and the location (in a table). instead of £5000+ showing they are now telling me the total is £2500? Below half what the Debt Recovery plus are asking for? they are still directing me to the debt recovery stating i need to pay their CLIENT in full. Debt recovery isn't their client??? and there is no number for the solicitors or UKPC on this letter.
  5. to be honest i want to scare them off this so they don't send a court notice. From what i know, the property management company contract UKPC to enforce parking, so my idea of getting a letter from the property management giving me authorisation to park will hopefully get them to drop these. This would me not to require them to provide deeds of the property ect? Also how would i even go about this. I have NO letters from UKPC (binned, silly me) when they send in a picture of the car with the date of 'offence' ect so i don't know which ones will have been issued at work or across the road. All PCN's where issued from 02/16-01/18 I was thinking of sending a letter just saying: 'I have received PCN's from your company for parking 'offences' at the property X for vehicle reg X. However these have been issued in error as i had authorisation to park here from X company who mangers the property X of which is my place of work. Please can you confirm any and all PCN's issued at this property have been dropped/made void by writing. If there are any other PCN's outstanding against vehicle reg X please send me a list of dates and the location of the supposed 'offence' so these can also be resolved quickly. Then attach the letter from the property management company.
  6. Oh okay, ill have a look into that then. So if i can get a letter from the property management and even better a letter from their worker as well and send this then i should be golden. Again i ask, please tell me if there is not or you cannot, but i have seen some posts with letter templates you can send to these pirates, would you have such a template? Really appreciate all your help.
  7. I say half abandoned as some of the office is still in use. it is a busy office street so i would assume all the land is owned in some way or the other. Is there anyway to check this at all? These are all windscreen tickets yes. If there is a way out of these also i would be grateful to know. Sorry just so i understand the last part..... do you mean an employee of UKPC (ie ticket issuer/warden)?? or do you mean a letter from the property management of my office building? Essentially there is a building at the front and another at the back, the back one is abandoned and boarded up. Debris and glass in the car park. Is there anyway to check this at all or request from UKPC who they hold the contract for the land with? I would assume (probably wrongly it looks) that UKPC wouldn't just chuck signs on random walls and in force parking charges where no one has asked them to.
  8. Okay just to clarify i am send a letter to UKPC stating i had in fact permission by the landlord of the property to park please find attached document from a representative and employee of the property management company that speak on the landlords behalf? Something along those lines? (sorry i'm very bad with legal things! only 20 years of age and my first run in with this sort of thing!) From what you saying your confident they will drop these? (my main concern as this amounts to around 75%+ of the tickets) With the other PCN's were when i parked in an half abandoned office block opposite, ran but UKPC as well. I don't know if i have any defence with these as i just parked there. To be fair the signs are very old and the back side of the building abandoned (broken glass ect). I know a 'ticket issuer' (if thats what they're called lol) that works for UKPC (brought him a few coffee's in the winter months when i saw him, so he likes me). Would he be of any help, i assume the foot soldiers have no power but is it worth an ask?
  9. that is helpful to know. But how do i resolve the issue, you guys seem to know your stuff. How would you start this process? Write a letter to UKPC stating i did in fact have authorisation to park my vehicle and that any PCN's should be dropped that were issued in that property and that any other PCN's i would be happy to settle immediately? Could anyone offer a helping hand with a letter template of some sorts to start this process off, how to word ect? I really don't want to go to court....
  10. Hello mch1991, Thanks for your response and yes can see now this was a bad idea. Point 2 i can do and am getting a letter tomorrow from the building secuirty desk guy along the lines of ' Vehicle reg:XXXXXXX had permission to park on property: X from X to X period' Would this suffice and or would you recommend i get any more info? Also my issue is who to speak to, is it best just to email UKPC with this information or speak to the debt recovery people regarding this? Many thanks Kyman 595
  11. Hello Guys, I'm new here and any help would be greatly appreciated. Over the past 2 years i have received around 35 parking tickets from UKPC, the majority of which have been issued in my work place office car park. So far i have not replied and ignored any correspondence from UKPC and their debt collection agency. Previously they have been sending all 'debt' letters separately but in July 2018 the debt collection agency have issued me with a letter accumulating the full amount (£5000+) and stating 35 tickets have been issued and that if i don't reply by 08/08/18 they will inform their 'client' to take legal action. It is now 23/08 and nothing has happened. While most people online tell you to simple ignore them as speaking to them in any capacity makes you agree to their 'terms' and by ignoring them they have no power, i have since had a colleague in the same situation for a smaller amount £1500 had a CCJ taken out against his name and his car clamped! This has now panicked me a tad bit and want to resolve the issue ASAP! I can think of two options and would like to know what is best or if you guys have any other advice for me. 1). Call UKPC and negotiate to pay half the amount over the period of a year, or something. Saying i was not the driver (cannot give driver details as i don't know who was driving on the given dates) but would like to settle the issue regardless, not accepting fault but wanting to settle this none the less. Do you think it is likely they would agree to these terms? Also how on earth do i get into contact with a person at UKPC as they have no number and hard to find someone to get into contact with! I don't want to go through the number provided on the debt collector as i assume they have no power and will request the full amount. 2). As i said the majority of tickets were issued at my place of work, if i am able to get a email on a headed page or headed paper from the building manager/security guard who is employed by the property management company who look after our office, who i assume engage UKPC, saying that there was an issue with my permit and that i shouldn't have received the tickets (along the lines of this) then forward this to UKPC. Again i have the issue of trying to contact someone at UKPC and then i can say i will pay any other tickets issued at another location but i want may void any of the ones issued at my place of work. Sorry for the lengthy post but quite a large amount of money of which i neither want to or can afford to pay. Is there any advice you guys could give me about what to do and how to get hold of a person at UKPC. Many thanks, Kyman595
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