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  1. DX, thanks for the advice, just to tie this thread up, have now received written confirmation of payment from Moorcroft and stating that no further collection will be attempted by them the OC or third parties plus confirmation from Step Change. Hopefully that will be the end of this one but intend to keep a close eye on it. Now to close my DMP with SC and self manage the remaining account because SC want me to continue paying the full amount to the remaining creditor even though they have not yet supplied a CCA request, i have better uses for that money!
  2. Hey DX thanks for the comment, having read the various threads on here double checked with SC that a settlement was the end of it, no selling on etc which they assured me it was. Think it is just Moorcroft stuffing up but not encouraging. Think the Credit card debt was pretty much enforceable so went form settlement.
  3. Update, Lloyds responded apologising for the companies misuse of my wife:s data, just one of those things, hey ho, but still refused to back date the default notice. I then contacted Stepchange to initiate a settlement agreement with both of my creditors for 40% of the outstanding amount. Did not really expect a result because MBNA had already told me twice that they dont enter into such agreements surprise SC ring me to say that the figure has been accepted but the other creditor has refused. Today i receive a letter from Moorcroft who are apparently collecting for MBNA although i have not replied to any of their letters thanking me for agreeing to pay £4000 per month for the next 6 months, muppets, idiots, muppets. Emailed SC today,, bank holiday w/e. Not much to do until Tuesday, If Moorcroft have taken the sum as a payment and not a settlement spitting feathers does not come close.
  4. This week received a letter from someone at MBNA with a PO Box address for Lloyds Bank stating all kinds of nonsense that i had been making payments up until July 18 and then ceased payments and so the default date of January 2019 was correct and that they did not uphold my complaint. Have responded to them with Step Change statements showing payments made which disputes there claim, also raised another complaint with them regarding calls and text messages to my wife's phone, laid it on a bit thick, they dont know my personal circumstances and it will give them something to do. Feel pretty sure the response will be the same but if i am annoying them by contesting their decisions and they have to do a little work it is only the cost of a stamp and i get a warm glow inside.
  5. Hi DX, They have been useful this last year whilst i got my head straight and kept things ticking over, i am now much more knowledgeable thanks to this site and ready to take control.
  6. Quick update, to date PRA have not supplied a CCA, spoke to Step Change to cancel payment, they were not happy but have put the account on hold only because i cancelled the DD. Surprised to hear from them that i said i would reinstate the DD to pay the other company on the agreement that they would hold the payment to PRA for 6 weeks then use the funds to pay the other company the extra money, nice for MBNA but not happening, will closer to the time cancel the DD again and probably pay my creditors myself.
  7. Two days ago i get a letter from MBNA saying that as we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan they have passed it over to Moorcroft and i should arrange payment with them. It was written in the stars. Someone from somewhere keeps calling my wife on her mobile wanting to talk to me about my complaint but she is usually working in the NHS so cant talk and tells them to call later. Today i get a letter of MBNA telling me that they have recorded my letter as a complaint in error and so have closed the complaint down and have passed the letter to a team best able to help! I am speechless
  8. today received another letter telling me they are investigating the complaint, this appears to have come from a different department and which i think reveals how they got my wife's mobile number. All the info on the letter indicates that it has come from MBNA however on the back of the envelope the return address is LLoyds banking group, now both my wife and i bank with Lloyds i am guessing they have accessed our account info to get contact details, or am i just over thinking this. Can anyone comment on this with regards to the new Data laws?
  9. Yesterday i got a response from MBNA regarding my complaint, however they sent the text message to my wife's phone! i could have been awkward, never give my correct phone number to any company and i certainly have not supplied my wife's number, where did they get it from? To the best of my knowledge she does not have an account with them ...going to have to do some digging. Also received a letter today stating they are investigating my complaint
  10. Update, have now received default notice from MBNA, have now written a letter of complaint to them stating they should have defaulted me much earlier in accordance with ICO guidance . I missed a payment to them in Feb 2018 and have asked for it to be changed to May 2018 instead of Jan 2019. I find it very odd that when you ask for a CCA from a company you find yourself defaulted and then sold on in quick time. MBNA not sold me yet but feel the letter is in the post!
  11. DX, they stopped adding interest when i contacted them back in march 2018, i have never had charges added to the account, always made the min payment.
  12. Hi DX, just checked my Noddle acc and MBNA have registered a default on the 31/01/2019, previous to that they were marking it as BB for 8 months. Presume me asking for a CCA has moved things along. Will re-instate the payment to them next week.
  13. Hi DX yes it is.
  14. Update, today i received the CCA from MBNA which i have uploaded, expecting a response from MBNA soon because i have stopped payments to them through Step change, have been in arrears for 10 months, my account appears to be still available with a credit balance on it which is weird, they are not applying interest to the outstanding balance. I dont know if it is significant but on page 5 my name and CC number is printed on the table of contents page which just looks odd. That card number does not correspond to the number on page 24, i presume that is because MBNA bought the Amazon card and issued another card with a new number. Getting the feeling that this is going to be enforceable, dont understand why MBNA have not defaulted the account? Any advice about the upload or what to expect next from MBNA appreciated. Amazon CCA 09-02-2019.pdf
  15. the 12+2 is now up, other than the initial letter from PRA on my CCA request saying they are looking for the info i have not heard anything more i have cancelled the Direct Debit to Stepchange and informed them (SC). Wait and see time now when PRA dont get their expected payment.
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