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  1. Hope this is what you need HB https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/booking/tandc?bdate=2019-03-25&bcode=TH&dkey=TERMS_CRUISE
  2. Hi HB, Cruise was with Marella, there was a fire in the engine room which resulted in reduced speed and so 3 of the 8 scheduled ports were cancelled. They have credited £250 pp to us as a gesture of goodwill but despite a letter of complaint on our return home referencing the appalling customer service received onboard and the missed ports they gave the usual meaningless apology etc, but still standby that what they have offered is commensurate, ABTA it seems have supported their view that this was not significant changes to the itinerary. The cost of the cruise was £4100 so not ch
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone had used MCOL to try and recoup money from a cruise company that failed to complete the itinerary of ports as advertised due to mechanical failure and refusing to admit liability and using T&C's as its defence.
  4. Update, responded to PRA's PAP using this sites template and asked for everything as advised in the post , on the 3rd Jan they responded with account on hold until they could provide the documents requested. Today i received a bundle from them, heart sank, enclosed are copy statements from 2014 although the account was opened in 2011, a copy of the Agreement which is the same as the document i posted in post 1 they say it is a reconstituted copy of a variable agreement, i seem to recall Andy torch commenting that varied agr
  5. As expected received a Pap today from PRA, response date is the 02/01/2020, i get back on the 20th Dec so will respond then.
  6. Hi, it has been a while, received an emal from PRA about 3 weeks ago, dont know where they got my address from stating that they had bought my debt from BC, bounced back and blocked. last week received a letter from their litigation's dept saying the same and that i had 14 days to respond, have ignored, as of today they have not supplied an agreement as per my request in Jan 2019 to which they seem ignorant of. My concern is that next week i go on hols for nearly 3 weeks so may miss any response they may have, is it likely that t
  7. Hi dx, thanks for your reply, think i may be more cautious than you and i like to have evidence that i have not ignored something. I am aware of the wizard wheeze they are trying to pull by sending a few pages of official looking paperwork with the intention of trying to make me start payments again and the reason i post is so that other people may read it and realise the underhand stunts that a DCA will resort to . Having said that they do not get another response from me until the provide the necessary, cheers dx
  8. So, yesterday received a letter from PRA enclosing two copy statements from 2018, in the letter they state that they have fulfilled my CCA request and that i should contact them within 10 days where they will be able to help me. Wrote to them today thanking them for the documents but mentioned that the Credit Card Agreement had still not been supplied as requested and presume that they are in the process of doing that. Lets see what next week brings?
  9. Cheers DX, generally is there a time frame when you can say that the DCA is not going to get the info it wants from the OC ?
  10. Update, PRA have today sent through a document from Barclaycard which is a CAS Mart application retrieval form, has the application details on it, very sparse and looks like it is an internal document. PRA have indicated in their letter that at present the debt is unenforceable etc. They state that if they receive anything further from BC they will provide it. It has been 6 months now so fingers crossed they are struggling to obtain the CCA. Cancelled Step Change in May saving the money now for worst case scenario.
  11. DX, thanks for the advice, just to tie this thread up, have now received written confirmation of payment from Moorcroft and stating that no further collection will be attempted by them the OC or third parties plus confirmation from Step Change. Hopefully that will be the end of this one but intend to keep a close eye on it. Now to close my DMP with SC and self manage the remaining account because SC want me to continue paying the full amount to the remaining creditor even though they have not yet supplied a CCA request, i have better uses for that
  12. Hey DX thanks for the comment, having read the various threads on here double checked with SC that a settlement was the end of it, no selling on etc which they assured me it was. Think it is just Moorcroft stuffing up but not encouraging. Think the Credit card debt was pretty much enforceable so went form settlement.
  13. Update, Lloyds responded apologising for the companies misuse of my wife:s data, just one of those things, hey ho, but still refused to back date the default notice. I then contacted Stepchange to initiate a settlement agreement with both of my creditors for 40% of the outstanding amount. Did not really expect a result because MBNA had already told me twice that they dont enter into such agreements surprise SC ring me to say that the figure has been accepted but the other creditor has refused. Today i receive a letter from Moorcroft who are a
  14. This week received a letter from someone at MBNA with a PO Box address for Lloyds Bank stating all kinds of nonsense that i had been making payments up until July 18 and then ceased payments and so the default date of January 2019 was correct and that they did not uphold my complaint. Have responded to them with Step Change statements showing payments made which disputes there claim, also raised another complaint with them regarding calls and text messages to my wife's phone, laid it on a bit thick, they dont know my personal circumstances and it will give
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