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  1. Thank you Memgrubb. Much appreciated. What about the fact that it is addressed to my dad? Should I get him to write to them and explain that I was the driver?
  2. First and foremost I drive a car that is in my dad's name: he bought it and gave it to me and I am the only driver. I (my dad) got a ticket for being 35 minutes over the 90 allowed at a local McDonalds, a place at which colleagues and I meet regularly for work purposes. UKPC sent a letter demanding £100 and now DRP have taken over and sent a follow up demanding £160. Help and advice would be most welcome.
  3. Hi Clemma , it says nothing on warranty about cosmetic damage . It says within 6 months exchange or full refund and after that exchange or refund to the value it's worth at that time . They have had 2 opportunities to fix the phone as I left it with them and have 2 receipts to prove that. The place is run by young immature boys smirking and arguing with customers and god knows what they do to your phone when you leave it with them, cosmetic damage us my guess .
  4. That's fine. The 'Hello' and the 'Test' were just test replies as I am new to CAG and wasn't sure if my account was activated.
  5. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 from CEX on the 2/3/18 which included a 24 month warranty. After three weeks the camera was having trouble focusing and the phone was actually sizzling in my hand. The lack of focus ,sizzling noise and vibration went on for approximately four seconds. The phone also felt hot on the back like it was overeating. The first thing I did was make sure that my screen was clean and that my camera lens was clean and free of dust, which it was. I went into the store to speak with the manager and was asked to leave the phone for an hour which I did and I h
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