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  1. The lease doesn't make any mention of them being responsible for the utility services. Only the communal areas and grounds for the apartments.
  2. Hi Andy, I have indeed. They have essentially washed their hands of this, saying that it is down to my neighbours and I to take this up with our respective suppliers.
  3. Good afternoon all, I hope that the good posters in this forum will be able to advise me on how to resolve a problem that my neighbours and I are experiencing with the electricity meters for our flats. Please bear with me while I give you the background to this problem. In our apartment block (total of 9 flats, 3 on each floor) our meters are in a locked/coded room, with the management company's logo on the door. Residents are given full access to the room. On Monday 16th July 2018, I experienced several power outages. When I investigated further, I found an electrician working inside the locked room on behalf of one of my neighbours, who were having power issues of their own. He turned off the isolator fuse switch underneath the meter that was clearly labelled for flat 125 (my flat is 137). This cut the power to my flat completely. Their electrician explained that the meter that is labelled to my flat is actually supplying electricity to flat 149. The meter that is labelled for flat 141 is actually supplying electricity to flat 125. My neighbour in flat 149 is unsure which meter should be theirs. Chances are my neighbours and I have all been either dramatically overpaying for our electric or massively underpaying. In the case of my neighbour at 141, he had what he believed was a pre-paid meter. This meant that even though he was topping up the meter, he was actually paying for 125! From speaking with the neighbours about this they are all with different suppliers: 125 - British Gas 149 - Spark Energy 137 (myself) - nPower 141 - British Gas I first notified my management company (I am the lease holder of my flat) about this on 16/07. They were adamant that it was my energy provider's (nPower) responsibility and nothing to do with them. nPower then confirmed that the MPAN for the meter labelled as 137 was registered to my flat, completely ignoring what I told them about it being physically incorrect. Interestingly, speaking to my neighbour 149, Spark Energy are adament that my meter is registered to them but for 149. Since then I've had two nPower meter people out. The first one was a complete waste of my time. The second basically replicated the issue and said that there was nothing more that he could do. After a 3 hour phone call to nPower on Friday morning the manager I spoke to (who was dealing with my complaint) said that the only way to resolve this would be to get an electrician in myself. I do not have the money to pay for the no doubt large 3 figure sum involved to put this right. I've also been told by several people (including a Customer Service Agent at my DNO) that a private electrician wouldn't be "allowed" to change any of the cables. I've also confirmed with my neighbours that we are unwilling to pay for something that isn't our fault and has likely been the case since the apartments were built in 2006. What would you recommend to do next? Really don't know how to proceed. Thanks Jamie
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