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  1. I have no idea how things work, never been in this situation before so all the advice given is much appreciated. I was going to see a solicitor for advice but their fees are £100 an hour,, citizens advice weren’t very helpful either so it’s been reassuring to seek advice from you guys, thanks again
  2. Thank you all for the advice, I will prepare a letter tomorrow asking for a breakdown of their invoice, but think I will risk going to court with my son, if it doesn’t go in my sons favour will just have to see what monthly payment they will accept as my son doesn’t have the funds or ourselves
  3. oh I can see it isn't just my son whose been an idiot then, shame the others haven't reported back what the outcome was.
  4. okay, if I was to write to them asking for a breakdown and not pay anything within the 7 days as they have requested, do you think they will still commence court action?
  5. thank you again for the advice,, think we have a long road ahead of us resolving this issue.
  6. What they have listed is no attendance fees £62.00, Arrears £102.00, 4 weeks notice period £124.00, if these not paid within 7 days then the amounts mentioned plus remaining seasons fees £620.00 and court costs is claimed £200.00. They have not broken down the costs of what period these costs are for.
  7. Thank you for the advice, I spent many hours on the internet looking for legal advice to see if they can take a minor to court and haven't found anything to say they will & win the case. I sent them a recorded letter advising that I have discovered my son had signed up to their t&c's and that he was not 18 only 16 and given his age the contract is invalid. I advised he has no means of settling the spiralling costs and if they didn't respond by 21st August I will take it the contract is cancelled, but I have had no response to my letter. I also asked them to deal with me directly, not my son as he is 16 years of age but they still continued to text my son which I have not got him to block the number. Like I said above my son received a letter today threating to take him to court if he doesn't pay £288 within 7 days. I accept my son is in the wrong signing up to these t&c's and he has been dealt with by us, but the fact is he doesn't have the money to pay this nor do we.
  8. Looking for advice please, I have discovered my 16 year old son signed up to soccersixes t&c's and ticked a box on line to say he was over 18 yrs old. All was going well until his team mates starting dropping out and basically my son has been left with spiralling out costs as he was unable to get a weekly team to play. Myself and his dad knew nothing about what he had done, until he confessed. I have written to soccersixes explaining that my son is only 16 years of age, and that he can not afford to meet these costs. I have also tried to speak to them, sent text messages and emails and they have all been ignored. Today my son received a letter advising he has amounts to be paid within 7 days or they may take court action. My son or ourselves do not have the money to pay. I accept my son is in the wrong for ticking to confirm he is over 18 but any advice would be appreciated.
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