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  1. The leak was located in the supply pipe before it entered my bungalow
  2. Leak located and repaired the Water Board did a good job and everything sorted. Thanks for the advice folks.
  3. Thanks for that. The water board guys have just started digging up the pipe so I will know more soon.
  4. Thanks for the info unfortunately I think the leak is under concrete near the house. Still waiting for the water board to locate the leak.
  5. Have to check my house insurance but what I have read so far indicates they will not be picking up the tab
  6. Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to have a real problem here. Looks like I will be lumbered with the bill even though I believe the water board caused the problem. I think my old iron piping on the supply pipe couldn't stand the strain of the testing but hard to prove.
  7. Portsmouth Water Board have only stated the leak is between the external and internal stopcock a distance of some 20 meters. The noise of the leak indicates it is probably nearer our bungalow. Lived there for 38 years with no leaks until new meter fitted to replace old stop cock. Still think the testing has caused the leak but how can prove it? They are going to dig up the newly fitted meter and check the pipe connection. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I would really like to know what the testing for leaks involves. Presumably you pressurise the system and then check if this changes? Could this blow the supply pipe?
  9. Had a new water meter fitted outside my property on the pavement 18 June 18. Water pipe to the house sprung a leak. Confirmed by Portsmouth Water board as being before the internal stop cock. Now they want me to pay for repairs even though there was no leak before fitting.
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