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  1. I don't know if I am entitled to compensation, that's why I asked.


    I have contacted TFL to help identify the man on CCTV.


    I haven't done an x-ray scan yet.


    I wanted to know if a compensation claim is possible, regardless it it is sprained or broken?

    Or would it depend on the severity of the injury?

  2. Hi all,


    I am new to this forum and apologise if this is the wrong section to post this.


    I live in London and was involved in an accident yesterday.


    As I was leaving the bus, a man ran to get on the bus and collided into me, giving me an ankle injury.


    I didn't know if it was broken or just sprained, but figured it may have been broken as I almost fainted moments after.

    Do I have any rights to receive compensation i.e. from the man?



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