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  1. I never got the email alert for my replies. just got an alert from yours though.
  2. I setup the seperate account for her (with barclays - it took 5 minutes online and had account no and sortcode within 5 minutes) so no need to even leave the house. Just doing the letters for her now. Quick question, which address to send to? there head office (this is lloyds btw) they have so many addresses its diffult to know where to send to..
  3. post been deleted damn. Ok spoke with them long story short will accept £100 month. do they have to accept a lower amount? how does it work guys?
  4. thanks! I called them and confirmed it was for what I thought it was. funnily enough they have had no confirmation from bailiffs that first amount has been paid in full. funny that! they asked for payment in full I advised could not do. They said they could setup over 3 months. I asked for longer and they asked what I could afford a month (I suggested £100 a month) they then put me on hold while they made a cup of tea I presume. Then came back and said it had been agreed I did not have card with me so will call back later to set it up. But got me thinking... I am in no was responsible for that debt and did not hit anybody's car (I even phoned the police my self when the incident happened) when it went to court originally I tried getting proof of said phone call and surprise surprise the police had no record of it. I do not wish to go back to court however and cant stand them. I would rather drip feed the debt to save going there but I would like to do this as cheaply as possible. do they have to accept £5 week?
  5. I know what this is for, its for the car incident that I originally posted about and when I phoned regarding the 1st 2.2k it was for different offences. That means I have already done a stat dec on this new case. I got the dates wrong so never actually turned up to court for the hearing. I don't really feel like paying out 3k in one week though
  6. correct it was dated the monday. Do I want to appeal this or just setup a payment plan?
  7. paid in full. and today I have a letter from the historic team claiming a fine remains outstanding for just under 1k. Couldn't make this up! 'further steps notice' - letter dated 5 days ago and only just had it today. letter states 10 working days to respond. wow its already 5 days later and we are at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend. phoned them.. on hold for 15 minutes then somebody picked the phone up and hung up. phoned back office closed. I guess only option is to phone on tuesday and plead poverty?
  8. thanks, they cannot add any more fees though can they. ie if they was to turn up they have already put on that fee so they cant add it again?
  9. is there anybody out there? I can hear an echooooooooooooooooooooo! Is there a paid part of the forum where advice is faster?
  10. spoke with baliffs and they want payment in full. wont entertain a payment plain.
  11. why would I want to record the call? That is the advice from this forum. Nobody attached to me paid any of the fines. Some how somebody unconnected to me has paid into the wrong account. And yes to discuss a payment plan. It does not seem like I have any other option.
  12. i don't mind phoning and I have downloaded a call recording app. if it is ok to call I can ring them asap
  13. Hi guys just waiting for a response before I send off that email or make a phone call today. thanks in advance!
  14. Yes I was aware of all court fines and believed they would go away. I was young and it was about 13 years ago. I am surprised tbh that they still stand after so long. I believe letters would have gone to parents address but mail would not have been passed on. payment of less than £100 have been made. I did not make these payments. I can only assume somebody else paid this using an incorrect account number. 100% I have not paid anything. I did not ask about address but years ago letters had gone to parents address but I have not lived there for many years now. I don't wish to get into conflict with these people over the phone. would you advise, email or phone call?
  15. not exactly resolved I know what the fines are for now. bit amount has been inflated.. and don't believe they will be willing to accept payment plan.
  16. ok it turns out this is linked to 2 separate incidents going back as far as 13 years! criminal damage and not paying for a train ticket. The court said the total amount was just under 2k but I not that baliffs are asking for more than 2.2k . They have only written 1 letter which I believe they can bill £75 for but not sure how they are getting to the higher figure. Without adding it up it looks as though they have already charged for a visit but they have certainly never visited. Courts would not deal with me in terms of payments which I knew after reading a lot on this forum. So guys should I just get my card out and settle this?
  17. yes, will call in the morning. Not sure that it matters what the offence was though does it? they want 2k regardless or are you seeing an angle? this is the first letter regarding this at my current address.
  18. It has to be linked to car incident that I was blamed for (genuinely I did not touch any bodies car but that is not the point here). this letter has come out of the blue but I don't want partner getting knock on the door from the local thugs.
  19. I have already made a stat dec before and I got the date wrong so never attended. I am going to try and ring them tomorrow give name and dob and see what they say. Unhappy to make a payment plan and pay for something I did not do but for an easy life will accept that if it is an option. Perhaps it has already gone to far though if it has been passed onto an outside company.. ? I have done a fair bit of reading tonight and it seems that I am stuffed and the only option is to make payment in full. It is unlikely that agents will accept any kind of a payment plan. Amount is for over 2k and my understanding is that they can ultimately force entry.
  20. somebody had mentioned that bank transfer is one way. This is not true from my experience. I had somebody working for me paid wages via bacs. Then asked to borrow money and transferred by bacs. Then went rogue. Phoned bank who did reclaim some of the money. (said that 2nd payment was in error) So there are some instances that they can get involved with bacs payments. I appreciate it would not have worked in your case but perhaps if you had made 2 payments say of £400 each, and 2nd payment was wrong payment..
  21. Thanks for any help guys, I am just going through old letters and paperwork to sort out and have just opened a letter from Collectica regarding an old HMCTS debt. This must have been an old court hearing regarding somebody saying I hit them from behind. I never did and in fact it was the car next to me speaking a language I could not understand that had hit the car. There was no damage to any cars and I phoned the police at the time to make them aware. We are going back some 7 years. At the time There was a court hearing that I did not attend (I was going through a very difficult at the time with hospital and letters was the last thing on my mind) upon coming out of hospital (1 month in) I attempted to sort the mess out and did a stat dec. Rather silly but I got the date mixed up and missed the court date by 1 day. fast forward and I have a letter from collectica dated mid july 18 warrant of control and gives 14 days to contact them. We are now 30 days ahead. I know I should not be paying a single penny I never touched any car. But that wont stand up aywhere and there is a 2k amount that I guess I just dont have a say in other than to pay it and shut up. I am hoping for some advice in terms of perhaps setting up a payment plan and not to have baliffs turning up at the door. thanks for any help guys it is much appreciated..
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