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  1. Yep. Indeed and I can see why people would get frightened by it. Thanks for your support!
  2. As it happens ericsbrother we do have a dog, so maybe we'll put her on a diet so she's suitably hungry when the doorbell rings - a bit like Pavlov's salivating dogs! Seriously though its all a bit disconcerting. Earlier this afternoon my wife was on the verge of paying up because she's so stressed over it. I'm keeping everything crossed that they'll get fed up and move on.
  3. Hi dx We've actually tried to block their texts but have been unable to. However, since our letter to KBT Cornwall (copied to TNC) we have received no further texts at least. No, we certainly won't enter into a conversation with anyone on the door or 'phone.
  4. Hi I have completed the questionnaire about 3 times but it never seems to appear anywhere where you can find it, sorry! I can give you the answers here again though if that is OK. 1. Date of infringement: 28/1/18 2. Have not appealed as outside appeal period. Waited for NTK which did not arrive at our current address possibly due to change of address inadvertedly not notified to DVLA October 2017. 3. Not received NTK 4. Not appealed 5. KBT Cornwall/Armtrac Security 6. Car park R.J. Supplies off Copper Terrace/Prospect Place, Hayle, Cornwall Thanks for the Guardian article,
  5. Many thanks dx for your response. The fact that this extortion is remotely legal beggars belief.
  6. Hi everyone. We wrote to KBT Cornwall (Armtrac) and a copy went to TNC on 13th August advising them that we did not want to receive any further texts from TNC and that we would only deal direct with KBT Cornwall. We did not advise them of driver or keeper details. Today my wife received a letter from TNC, despite telling them that we would not enter into correspondence with them, only KBT. They refer in the letter received today to a previous letter dated 30/7/18. This letter, like others, may have gone to our old address. We, therefore, do not know what it said. TNC has dema
  7. Hi dx For some reason my reply to your last message hasn't posted. I pasted the completed questionnaire into that for you to see - details of the car park in question and dates etc. Don't know where it has gone. Will try again tomorrow.
  8. Hi dx Have done as you suggest and completed, copied and pasted the questionnaire onto the thread. Hopefully, its there! Letter will be on its way to Armtrac and TNC tomorrow. Will post a redacted copy of that to the post too. Thanks for all your help today.
  9. Hi lookinforinfo Many thanks for responding in such detail. My wife may have called them at the time. I know she telephoned the Police who advised her to pay the charge, so she might have phoned Arntrac straight after that. She has just attempted to block TNC on her mobile but is unable to do so. I will write to TNC as you suggest, as the last thing we need is a CCJ at our old address. When we receive the NTK we will, of course, post it for you to have a look at. We took photographs of the site. I went down to the area in question with my wife immediately a
  10. Hi dx100uk Sorry, I'm not sure what it is you are asking me to complete. Following BPA advice we did nothing with the parking notice except wait for the 56 days to expire and see if we received an NTK. As explained we did not receive the NTK possibly because it went to an old address which we no longer live at. We were just wondering if it is safe to ignore TNC legal's texts requesting payment. We do not believe either Armtrac or TNC have our current address, although they appear to have got hold of my wife's mobile number from somewhere.
  11. Hi My wife received a ticket from Armtrac in Cornwall 1/18. We waited the 56 days for NTK which did not arrive. On Friday 10/8/18 my wife received text from TNC (don't know how they got number) requesting payment. We checked with DVLA to see if Armtrac/TNC had requested Keeper details but it appears my wife forgot to update DVLA of a change of address in 11/17, so NTK could have been sent to old address. My wife received another text this morning to contact TNC to pay or the matter will be escalated. Not sure what to do now. Many thanks for any advice.
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