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  1. Thank you for your help. Is that the CEO’s email above? Looking on the financial ombudsman site under the good on credit when can we help section there’s this: the goods or services were purchased under a credit agreement specifically arranged for the purchase of these goods or services. Credit card payments will not normally be covered by section 75A, the credit agreement is within the scope of the Consumer Credit Directive, but outside the scope of section 75; the amount of the credit agreement is not more than £60,260; and there has been a breach of contract by the supplier, involving the goods or services not being provided at all, only being supplied in part, or not being supplied as specified in the contract. If I don’t get a reply after emailing the CEO would it be worth contacting them?
  2. I’d rather get a CCJ than pay for something I haven’t got. Before I cancelled my payment I had made several phone calls and emails that were ignored. Also, when you place an order on the site. It says your first payment will be taken after delivery of the product. The product wasn’t delivered. The bit that was is still in the packaging and I’ve asked either for them to collect it or send me the rest. They’ve failed to do either. If my only option is to continue being in arrears till I get a CCJ then I just wanted to know that. I would’ve paid 28 weeks + by now for something I don’t have if I hadn’t cancelled the direct debit. Oh also just to mention the guy who I saw at my front door twice said to me “trading standards would have us” and “don’t make a payment until you’ve received it”
  3. Hope I’m posting in the right place. I’ll try not to ramble too much. In April I ordered a bed frame and mattress from Perfect Home. The delivery men came and delivered the mattress and the frame in the box. They told me they’re not meant to leave it in the packaging but they would if I wasn’t ready to put it together. They left it in the box in my hallway. After disposing of my old bed I opened the box to see that only the headboard and footboard were in there. I called them the same day to tell them that there was no slats or sides to the bed. They apologised and said it had never happened before and that the delivery company would call to arrange on the coming Monday. They never called. I called back a couple of times and got told they’ll call back soon. Nothing. They took automatic weekly payment from my account x2 before I cancelled the direct debit. They started sending letters of arrears and home visit letters. I caught the representative at the door and told him and said I’d like them to take the product back as it’s useless to me if not complete. He apologised profusely. Removed arrears charges. And told me I’d be contacted to have the rest delivered by the next week. I agreed. It never came. He visited again in end of June/early July. Same thing. About a week after that the slats were delivered. Just the slats. Nothing to attach them too. So still useless and incomplete. I sent an email to customer services that wasn’t answered. So I thought I’d wait for another home visit. I received numerous texts saying I was in arrears and someone would be visiting the next day. I waited in several times even though my father was having emergency spinal surgery and no one came. 8 days ago I sent a 3rd email of complaint. Specifying that the product was still useless and that I can’t owe arrears on a credit agreement that is void. I dont know how they expect me to pay for a product I don’t have. I asked for a reply in writing either by post or email within 7 days or I would have to take it further. I got an email back saying apologies they’ll transfer it to arrears apartment they can’t deal with it because I’m in “arrears” but it is like To make a payment... blah blah. As of yet. Still no reply but I’ve received their usual ‘your account is in arrears’ text. I have been sleeping on the floor since April. The parts of the frame I do have are taking up space in the house. I have mental health problems and this is putting me under so much stress. My credit score has gone down as it shows I’ve defaulted. I’m sorry I couldn’t make this more concise. Thank you for reading. Please help I don’t know what to do next.
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